Craft Room Tip


Here's a little craft room tip I thought I'd share.  My husband had bought about 5 of these magnetic strips from Ikea a long time ago.  He was planning on using them in the garage (they're really intended for storing chef's knives).  I snagged one for my sewing room. 

Not sure about anyone else with kids, but needles and scissors and lots of small doodads don't really mix with well with my girls.  I was always trying to find a good place to hide them and keep them secure, but also keep them close at hand.  So here's what I came up with!  They're super cheap at Ikea, so if you have one near you swing by and pick one up in the kitchen department.  I put my bobbins, scissors, some needles, safety pins and even my zipper foot all nicely stored up and out of the way, yipee!


  1. what a great idea, up and out of the way and it keeps everything more organized. It is always nice to know where everything is. I know a lot of people who can be more organized! (i can't remember my google password, so today I am 'Anonymous')

  2. Those magnet things are great for your prodject board aka ( back of cheep table cloth w/ felt).keep the magnet up in two corners and when needed place up "prodject board with the magnets. hope this helps

    Jenni from Cali

    1. Awesome. I already have one and don't want to use it in the kitchen for knives because of the tile backsplash. So...I will use it for this! No little kids, but what a handy way to store and find the next time I want my scissors! :) Donna


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