Fabric Basket


When I saw this tutorial, I knew I had to make one - immediately.  And just for fun, I decided to make two, why not?!  I was able to use up some super cute scraps from this quilt.  I loved the fabrics and since I sent the quilt away as a gift, I could still have a little something to remember it by. 

I'm sure you've already visited the Pink Penguin blog by now, she's so talented.  I love all of the vintage fabrics she uses.  The tutorial was very easy to follow and the pictures are lovely.  I didn't have any linen at the time, so I used canvas instead - same effect I think.  Right now they are sitting in my sewing room holding some miscelaneous junk, waiting for the 'appropriate' place. 

I think next on my list to try would definitely be the camera case, a gift for Christmas for someone special!

Oh and by the way, there was a monster lurking near my ironing board this morning...rarrr!


  1. You inspire me. I love all of your projects. LOVE them. Thank you for blogging....

  2. cute basket, and cuter monster! hehe!

  3. Isn't that a fun one to do? I've done several. I love your choice of fabrics.

  4. Love the basket and what a sweet monster!


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