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Archive | January, 2010

a pocket full of hearts

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  I had sewn two skirts from MADE‘s market skirt tutorial back in August as part of my other daughter’s first birthday.  I made a blue market skirt for my one year old and this red one was for my 3 year old.  But it sat without pockets in my to-finish pile until yesterday! 

It’s great enough that her favorite color is red, but then since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, why not?!  Any Valentine’s clothes I buy for my girls gets worn all year long, so hopefully this one’s a keeper.  I think the red and white tiny heart fabric is one of my favorites (and it’s from Hobby Lobby – nice).
And what pre-schooler doesn’t love pockets?  Especially designed for hiding bouncy balls from your little sister.

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The sweetest thing

Warning: This post is not intended to make you mouth-wateringly jealous.

Isn’t this just the best?!  I loved this owl that Christina from The Sometimes Crafter printed.  She’s amazingly talented and oh so crafty.  I couldn’t help myself but ask (maybe I begged) her how I could get my hands on one of her prints and she sent me this lovely package!

It made my week.  My oldest daughter tried snatching these goodies and keeping them for herself, but I convinced her otherwise.  I just love all of it, and I think Christina is amazingly talented (she has some great patterns and an etsy shop).  And if you haven’t stopped by The Sometimes Crafter blog, you should.  In the next few weeks Christina is having a series of photography talks, I’m excited to read those – always up for learning new things!

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Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge

I finally got to making this hoodie for Natalie the other day.  I had snatched up Lil Blue Boo‘s hoodie pattern as soon as Ashley released it and was so excited about making one, or two!  Then the Christmas rush came around and well, you know the rest.

I had found two t-shirts at Old Navy for 95 cents each!  Can’t beat that price and their softness. 

For a little fun and girlyness I added some silver sparkly butterflies.  I had this Martha Stewart punch hanging around from this project, so butterflies it was.  I used freezer paper and punched out the butterflies, ironed on the paper, and painted away.  A little sparkle on the sleeve, the upper chest and pocket, and don’t forget the hood!

This pattern fits my daughter really well, and as an added bonus, she loves it!  My little model was so sick when I took these pictures, poor thing. {Can we stop taking pictures now mama?  I’m tired and have a runny nose.}

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3D Drawings

Okay, I admit, I’m pretty into doing this sewing room/ play room redo (feel free to just look the other way and gag anytime).  The other day I was talking over my plans with my husband and I mentioned about wishing I could see my plan in 3D and he said he tried out Google’s SketchUp (a free download).  Sounded like my kind of thing, so I jumped in and came up with two different options for my space:

I would highly recommend using this for anyone who has a hard time visualizing different ways a room can be planned out without actually moving the furniture (hey Care, maybe this one’s for you!?).  I guess anyone who has any Adobe Illustrator experience would be quite happy using Google SketchUp to tinker around.   The screen shots don’t really give this program justice, but trust me, it’s fun!  {Just a side note:  I should mention that these drawings aren’t to scale at all, I just did a really rough estimate of my room, but there are measuring tools if you want/need to be super accurate.}

I’ve made my Ikea list and have great plans for going in the near future (okay, well maybe TOMORROW!), hoping some of my items are in stock when they’re supposed to be.

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