Another round of Black Apple Dolls


I just couldn't hold myself back from making more of these sweet little dolls.  And since I was making one I figured I might as well just make two.  This time I modified the dolls to be like Emily's Helpful Hannah dolls.  I just love their eyes! 

I'm sending the mermaid doll to my friend whom I'm sending this quilt to, and I'm donating this blue doll to the Craft Hope for Haiti etsy shop!

If you haven't heard, Craft Hope is taking donations of items to sell on etsy.  Perfect for me who doesn't have an etsy shop yet!

Go check it out, there are a ton of cute things.  All proceeds go to the Doctors Without Borders.

She comes complete with her own handmade recycled mini notebook and blue glitter gel pen!


  1. So adorable! I love her little pigtails. :)

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  3. Absolutely love the cute dolls! Are the eyes made from felt are sewn? & is the cloth used for the doll's 'skin' white or light beige? :D


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