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Zippy Wallet Remix

This is actually the first zippy wallet I’ve made in months!  I saw this photo and just loved the look of linen.  It was a perfect match for the gift I was making.  I didn’t realize how fun these are to make, I wish I could make a hundred! 

In case anyone out there is curious, just thought I’d share my zipper source.  I should keep it top secret, haha, so I can keep all her zippers to myself, but…
Anyway, I buy all my zippers through Zipit on Etsy.  It’s really awesome for me because she lives relativley close by.  Jennie is the shop owner and she is AWESOME at customer service, plus the sizes and color selections are great.
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here we go: my creative space

If you’re stopping over from Bloom, thanks for stopping by and make sure you take a look around!

The sewing room/play room got finished up last month, somehow I just couldn’t bear to edit the pictures.  I was afraid how bad they would turn out.  It’s such a sunny room I didn’t think it would photograph well.  Anyway, I’m happy how these look and glad to finally share it with you!
I did start off with a majority of the pieces in the room being ones I already owned.  I made a fun trip to Ikea Twin Cities to pick up the expedit bookselves and rug and a few accessories.  The wardrobe is fill with my clothes and shoes (not fabric like you might think, or like I might LOVE).  Our house has only one closet!  Apparently back in 1950 there wasn’t much need for closet space, go figure.  So anyway, I get this wardrobe while my husband gets the lone closet.  The red chair I stole from my daughter’s room.
I had gotten this bookshelf as a window bench type seat.  It provides some nice pretty storage space for books and toys and all things kid.  I do hope to put some drawer inserts in place of the white boxes, you know, to store more art supplies and paper and tons of tiny toys that seem to accumulate in the blink of an eye.  I adore the prints I purchased from Printspace.  And of course our indistructable kids craft table is a must have.
Here’s my main workspace.  I was lucky enough a couple years ago to get the desk and chair and wall shelf, I love having such a nice BIG desk.  I spray painted my thread rack and bulletin board frame an off white to coordinate with the room. 
Here’s a closeup of the window bench seating area.  I thought about making some cushions for on top, but I figured they be tossed on the floor a majority of the time.  I think I’ll wait until the girls get a little older and maybe even when they decide it’s not so fun to color on the furniture.
This lovely unit stores most of my fabric and notions.  I love it!  The drawer inserts in the bottom are the best, they don’t look like much, but compared to what I was using, they’re great and it makes thing really easy to find.
My fabric stash.  Up top I have the jars filled with buttons, zippers, and extra spools of thread.  The basket contains my grandma’s vintage fabric.
An extra set of shelves never hurts.  Just a few pretty items to look at and some extra needles.
My workhorse sewing machine, gifted to me by my Uncle (and you won’t believe my luck here), a sewing machine repair guy! 
One of the best things about this room is that I think it’ll be really easily converted back into a bedroom once my daughters get a little older and need more space.  All the furniture is really versatile and will work with any decorating scheme they might dream up.
About the Paint:
The blue is Behr (from Home Depot): Balmy Seas

The green is Behr (from Home Depot): Grass Cloth

That about wraps it up, I have a whole set of pics up in my flickr photostream, please take a look at those if you want to see more.  I added a bunch of notes as to what stuff is hidden where. 
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i know, more potholders, is that even possible?

I had a request from my sister-in-law to make some potholders for her mother.  I really liked the way they turned out.  Her only request was to include her mother’s favorite color: yellow!

I definitely wanted to try out the ‘house’ type block as well as the wonky log cabin block. They were both really fun.  I used Tallgrass Prairie Studio’s wonky block tutorial, just because I had no idea what I was doing.  I mostly just looked at her pretty pictures. 

And have you seen this quilt yet?  It’s amazingly detailed, I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to make.

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Flannel Jammies

Once again I had to try Handmade Mommy’s 15 minute jammie pant tutorial.  Although I think they took me longer than 15 minutes, but not by too much, plus I serged the edges, so maybe that makes up for it.  :)

I messed up Natalie’s first pair by making them too tight, so they only lasted a week or so before I noticed they were about to rip at the bum area.  I used a different pair of pants to trace this time and I like them, they have a nice wide leg. 

As for the side cargo type pockets, I used Made by Rae’s Pleated Pocket tutorial.  I did scale down the size of the pocket by a few inches, but I loved making them.  More pockets please!  It was a great tutorial on a super stylish pocket that’ll go with all sorts of projects. 

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