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Archive | April, 2010

spring top week entry 3

This is my last and final entry for Made by Rae‘s Spring Top Week.  I do have one more top lurking on my sewing desk right now, but it’s just not going to happen for the contest.  I thought I could squeeze it out because I’ve made a dress from the same pattern before, but I realized this morning it’s requiring too much seam ripping, argh!

So this is the top I did finish last night. 

I used Joel Dewberry’s latest line: Modern Meadow.  I think this top will be a good one to wear with khaki pants or shorts.  I usually don’t pick navy blue in any of my fabrics, so the one fabric I did pair it with was some scraps of chambray.

I do recommend this top for beginners, it’s very easy to understand and comes together pretty quickly.  I had made a version of this top last year and it was way too big and so this time I went with a size 8 even though according to my measurements, I should have made a size 14. 

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spring top week entry 2

This was the only pattern I bought for Spring Top Week, and at 99 cents, not too shabby.  I was really afraid of having the top too big, so I went with a size 6 (even though I think it would be better in a size 8 or so – it’s pretty tight across the chest area). 

I used a lightweight interfacing like the patterns calls for, but it still feels too stiff, I think I would use it without if I ever made the top again. 

Of course the fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks voile.  It was nice to work with and very light weight, which is nice for spring/summer.  It was so hard to choose which fabric from her line that I wanted to use, they’re all so pretty.

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my bathroom

I had gotten spring fever big time a few weeks ago now and decided to rip off some old shelving in our bathroom and spruce it up a bit.  I ended up repainting the walls (with the same paint) because the paint had gotten streaky when I had originally painted it a few years ago. 

I picked up some little floating shelves at Target, the picture frame, and new towels and washcloths.  yay! 

Of course I couldn’t redo the bathroom without a little sewing involved.  I had picked up a few fat quarters of the Arcadia fabric collection a while back knowing that it would end up being something in our bathroom.  I ended up making a couple fabric baskets. 

I love these round baskets, they came together pretty quickly.  I pieced in some linen and tried to make one shorter than the other, but only by a little over an inch.  I guess it’s okay, but if I make more I’ll know to make the size difference more noticeable so it doesn’t look like a mistake. 

The one is perfect for a roll of toilet paper and the other had some odds and ends in it.  I might even try and make a mini version to sit on one of the wall shelves.

I’d also like to note that these pictures were taken with me standing in our bathtub smooshed up against the corner with the camera above my head.  We have a SMALL bathroom.

Update: The blue paint color is Glidden Evermore: Overcast.

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This is a creative adventure my husband took on recently.  He did it all on his own, how cute is that?  Anyway, his goal for the summer is to teach our almost 4 year old to count to 100.  Pretty ambitious, but I think it’ll be a great opportunity for them to hang out and learn together.  Apparently, and I have yet to verify this from my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws, my husband learned to count to 100 when he was five. 

Back to the creativeness of this project.  He took an old broken ladder of ours and turned it into this abacus!  He cut and sanded down each of these little ‘pebbles’ as he likes to call them and painted them and rearranged them by 10 onto the ladder.  Pretty cool I’d say.  Now sure, you can buy an abacus for pretty reasonable at just about any toy store, but this is just too sweet.

Also, I just want to also say thank you for all of you who left such sweet comments on my gathered clutch tutorial.  It’s nice to feel such awesome support!  Can’t wait for more fun stuff to come…

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