'lil cuties


So I guess we're at that age where you start getting invited to birthday parties.  So far we've gone to two.  This time I waited until the last minute to get a gift, so I decided that I'd make something for the little birthday girl.

Seems like Natalie loves her lil cutie pouch, she finds money randomly here and there and stashes it away.  Very cute.  So we picked out some fabrics the birthday girl might like and I made up a few and let Natalie pick out the one she wanted to give away. 

It was fun to include a couple pony tail holders and 4 dollars inside for the 4 year old!

So if you're in a time crunch, try out my lil cutie pouch tutorial, they're really fun and I forgot how easy they are to make!  If it's your first zipper, definitely give this one a try, I promise, it'll be fun!  You can find the tutorial here.

And don't forget to press these suckers, lots of steam and good press make them way cuter!

{ps the ballerina fabric came from fabricworm.com, it's a nice canvas weight japanese print and too cute not to pass up!

my pillow


You wouldn't think a simple pillow would make such an impact.  I recently found my bedroom in a state I didn't want anymore.  I had painted the walls a darker terra cotta when we moved in, but was so sick of how dark it made the room feel.  I definitely wanted a change.  Something neutral and modern and that I could change things up by just adding a different quilt or pillow or lampshade.  I don't like being stuck with a certain decorating scheme. 

So I daringly went and picked out my gray wall color, against my husbands wishes, haha.  I had to prime and paint, but it wasn't too bad.  Emily hung out with me while I painted, she pointed out where all the ants were crawling along the walls and I gladly got rid of them - one by one (luckily they're gone now but I was getting worried).  In the end I LOVE it and am so glad I made the change.  Now the room is open to possibilities!

So the first thing I thought of after starting a gigantic quilt (and am definitely not ready to finish it) was to make something simple.  A pillow.  It was a quick and fun project that didn't take long, but really made my night!  After I finished it I was skipping and jumping all the way up to bed I was so excited.  Funny how that works. 

I used a king size pillow (one I scored on clearance at target) and Sew Katie Did's invisible zipper tutorial again.  The fabrics are Alexander Henry Laurel Canyon in Pink and Heath (a home dec weight, one I spotted here).  Love it!

And here's another gratuitous shot of my bedroom, hopefully I'll be able to get a night stand and maybe a cool chair to put in there someday....oh and a headboard would be nice... (hey! at least I have pictures on the walls!)

you are amazing!


1. Noodlehead Clutch, 2. Gathered Ruffle Clutch - Summer Days, 3. Kawaii fabric bike basket, 4. B's backpack, 5. Diaper Pouch, 6. Gathered Zip Pouch, 7. april 1630, 8. I love you gathered clutch, 9. gathered clutch - pink stripe, 10. Little pouches, 11. sewing insanity, 12. Pouch for C1

A little roundup of all YOUR creativity.  There are so many cute pics in the flickr group, I am always amazed (and very flattered). 

And I think this is a really cool example of taking inspiration and making it your own.  She was inspired by the Gathered Clutch Tutorial.  Find out more of Quilty Girl's story in her blog post here.

And check out this Mail Organizer from Chris at Pick Up Some Creativity, isn't it fun?!

her little blue friend


Happy Saturday everyone.  Just wanted to share this pic of a little friend Natalie made the other day (I think it was attracted to her dress). 

unicorn skirt


Just a few scraps left over from Natalie's dress.  Enough to make a fun little skirt for her little sister. 

Of course I first tried to make one of these, but it ended up being too big, so I scrapped it and went with a skirt.   I know, I'm crazy, but whatever.

She loves the skirt and cried when I made her take it off after the little photoshoot.  Now it's all ready for getting grubby in the sandbox.  This project was just one project in a series of many that I've had lately that have come out quite differently than I expected, but at least this one is usable!

{I'm really laughing right now at the weird angles I took these pics at, makes E look like a little person!  She is small for her age, but definitely not a dwarf. :) }

my newest bag


yeah, maybe a little bag fetish going on here, but I can't help it.  I ditched the diaper bag a while back and feel like going a little bag crazy. 

And it's on sale for $3.99, wowy, go snag one up!

I kept seeing Vanessa's shop with these cool bags and so I definitely had to check out what they were all about.  It's an Ali Foster pattern (and for all you sellers on etsy, you can sell items made from her pattern, yay for that).  I had gotten it a while back thinking I might be able to scrape together bits of time to make and sell stuff at my local farmers market, but I guess that went by the wayside. 

Either way I love this scooter fabric.  Kind of reminds me of when my dad had his vespa, he got a kick out of the fabric when I showed him the bag.  It's by Etsuko Furuya.

I love the simple casual design, and it's perfect for slinging around.  If you are in need of a fun summer bag and just can't seem to find time at the sewing machine, Little Big Girl Studio has some already made up, so go snag one!

raspberries = yum


a bowl full of these

freshly picked from the backyard

= yummy goodness when mixed with buttermilk pancakes and fresh whipped cream

got this for my husband for his birthday last year, it's one of my favorite kitchen tools (so I guess I sort of bought it for me)!  Nothing beats fresh whipped cream.  Nothing!

underwear (updated with additional info)


no, not for me.  My husband asked me, "are you going to put pictures of those on your blog?".  My answer, "yes".  They're just too cute not to show off.  I love love this pattern.


| Children's Undies Pattern by That Darn Kat |

They are such a good fit!  I really was hesitant to make these because they seemed like an awful lot of work, and because I wasn't sure if the girls would like them or if they would even fit them.  Well, I got over it, made them, and they're a hit!  I think they're so adorable, and the size 2's are just too cute. 

And for all you sewers with boys, they also come with directions and patterns to make boy's undies, too!


One of the things I love about them is that they're nice and fitted.  No gaping leg holes because of the nice stretchy knit.  Will be making more once potty training is in full swing!


** UPDATE **
  • pattern goes up to size 8
  • knits came from Sewzanne's and Hobby Lobby
  • pattern can also be purchased here at Pink Chalk Fabrics
  • you don't need a serger to make these!!!  :)

a little gifty


sent this off the other day as part of a little swap.

Complete with a divider, single card holder, and detachable wrist strap (which can also double it's function as a key fob type thingy). 

If you've made a gathered clutch or some other super cute creation using my tutorials, go ahead and add it to the flickr group, I love too see what you've been making. 

P.S.  If you're selling gathered clutches online let me know because I'm working on putting together a post showcasing the current sellers.  Just send me an email or leave a comment here.

ice cream dress social


Have you seen the fun sew along that's going on over at One Flew Over and Badskirt?

I was so excited to see this pop up!  I definitely needed an excuse to buy the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress pattern.  I love it's style and hopefully it'll be easy to crank out a few.  Luckily I have a few friends that are having baby girls as well, so it'll come in handy for gift giving, too.  And I was able to buy just one pattern for both my girls so that's always a bonus.

I also snagged a charm pack of City Weekend designed by Liesel Gibson the genius behind Oliver + S.  No plans for it yet, but I do love the prints. 

Check out the Flickr group filled with all sorts of inspiration.  And it isn't just a summer dress, check out this pic, love love love that she showed how cute it can be layered!

a shirt for me


yes, sad to say, this was the last shirt I was going to enter for the Spring Top Week contest.  I just finished it the other night.  I had made a dress from the same pattern last summer, but this time the neck piece just didn't want to cooperate.  So I ripped seams, re-pinned, sewed it again, and again, but it finally worked out so it's at least sort of wearable. 

I really like the fit, I think I finally found what size works for me in Simplicity patterns.  Hopefully I'll wear it a bunch and I'd definitely say it's the most comfortable top I've made.  Yay for that, since the poor thing was sitting in my 'to-finish' pile for so long. 

I love being able to pull something out of my work in progress pile and complete it, such a good feeling.  I'll be doing that more hopefully.  The other thing I've been wondering about is the amount of scraps leftover from projects like this, I really find it difficult to think of the main print for anything but a shirt now, do you find it easy or hard to change your mind on what fabrics can be used for what once you've made them into something?  Maybe I'm just crazy.  But I do know that the fabric I used for these projects are definitely Christmas fabric now, darn.

unicorn dress


I had seen Meg over at Elsie Marley use this Heather Ross fabric during her Kids Clothes week and just had to get some, her project was so cute.  So I made this dress for Natalie using a Japanese sewing book (ISBN 978-4-8347-2840-8).  {Purchased here.}  I loved the pattern.  I think it was one of the main reasons I purchased the book in the first place. 

The Japanese books still kind of intimidate me, but the patterns are too cute to avoid.  Update:  Here's a great link with tips on using japanese patterns.

The one key to using the patterns is that you have to add in the seam allowances, luckily I remembered this time. 

Natalie loves the dress and it fits her really well.  I think it's pretty comfy since it's made with the soft double gauze.  I'm thinking I need to make a coordinating skirt for her little sister.

Sewing 101: Supplies


I'm guest posting over at Pickup Some Creativity with my supplies list too, so be sure to check out all of Chris' ideas and guest posts with lots of great sewing advice and tricks!  She's hosting Sewing 101 all month, yay!


I'm hoping this will be a great resource for those of you new to sewing (and maybe some of you that aren't so new).  Here are a few of the supplies I keep on hand at all times (hopefully).  I used to find myself going to the craft store/fabric store all the time to buy basic stuff, but now that I know what things I typically make, I keep those ready to use in my sewing area.  Just a few other notes, I always try and find a coupon to Hobby Lobby, Hancock fabrics (or Joanns), and Michaels when I know I need something.  It's also a good idea to be sure to stock up on thread and maybe even some buttons you like when they go on sale at 50% off.

Here's what a find myself using over and over again:


  1.  Extra rotary cutter blades.  I purchase mine at Michaels with a 40% off coupon.
  2. 45mm Rotary Cutter.  I didn't picture the self healing mat, but you must have one to use with the rotary cutter, they come in lots of different sizes, but use a coupon!
  3. Smaller scissors for detail work.
  4. General scissors.  I do have a pair of dressmaking shears (scored big time as a gift), but I use the ones pictures here for everything, even cutting paper 
  5. Seam ripper.  Enough said.
  6. Needles.  I've been known to go through 4 needles on a single step of a project before, so be sure to have a package handy.  I use 11 most often, but 14 and 16 are nice for making bags, etc.  Also pick up a few ballpoint needles for using when sewing with knits.
  7. Zipper foot!  My friend.  Also for making piping.
  8. Darning foot.  For free motion quilting.  I've used these on napkins, etc.  You can do really cool stuff with this foot, just think of it as sketching with thread.
  9. Walking foot.  Definitely buy one of these if you plan on making any quilts.  It allows the fabric to feed through evenly, even when there are many layers.  I use mine on bags, etc. as well.
  10. Chop stick, for poking out corners.
  11. Water soluble pen.
  12. Small flat head screwdriver for tightening the feet on my machine. 
  13. Fray check.
  14. Elastic thread.
  15. Pins, definitely buy the nicest ones you can afford, it makes it so much easier to push through fabrics.
  16. Bobbins.  Keep a few extras on hand.  I rotate with about 8 bobbins, a must when you make a lot of different project.
  17. Clear grid ruler.  It would also be a good idea to get one of those handy suction cup handles to make sure your fingers stay out of the way of your rotary cutter.



  1. Glue gun.
  2. Elastic.  Sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1" in width.
  3. Spray starch.
  4. Velcro.  I have 3/4" and it seems to work well for a lot of different projects.
  5. Safety pin.  For pushing elastic through a waistband casing.
  6. Needle for hand sewing.
  7. Twill tape.  I think it can add a lot of detail to a project as well as being useful for a 1001 other things.
  8. Spray adhesive.  I used mine for my mail organizer, but I've also heard of people using it with making cards with fabric scraps.



  1. Cotton webbing.  Fun for tote bags and more, lots of fun colors to choose from.
  2. Grommets.  I like the special touch it adds to projects.  I have 7/16" and 3/8"
  3. Thread, lots of it, especially white, cream, brown.  I like to use 100% cotton thread for quilting.
  4. Magnetic snaps.  For purses, clutches, etc.  I buy mine from BeingBags on etsy.
  5. Zippers, my favorite notion.  I only keep 14" and 8" zippers on hand.  If I need another length or an invisible zipper I make sure to buy it on my next trip to the store.  I buy mine at Zipit on etsy.
  6. Snaps/snap setter.  I use this brand, I really like the variety they have.  Size 16 covers most projects I've made.
  7. Buttons.



  1. Medium weight fusible interfacing.  I also have a bit of lightweight interfacing.  And it is handy to have some Peltex around (double sided fusible heavyweight interfacing).
  2. Iron on adhesive, great for applique.  I have Heat n Bond, but I think Wonder Under is the same stuff?
  3. Fusible fleece.  Great for bags, zippered pouches, give a nice padded effect and gives body.
  4. Cotton quilt batting.
  5. Polyester fill.  For making softies, your own pillow forms, etc.
  6. Muslin.  I use a lot for lining pillows and this is another one for 1001 other uses.
  7. Plain cotton canvas, great to use as a sew in interfacing for bags., etc.

I'm sure there are some goodies I forgot, so please feel free to leave any of your favorite essentials in the comments section!  I also want to note that these are the items I regularly use.  I did not receive any monetary compensation (or otherwise) for my opinion on any of these products. 

little birdie shorts & tee


Anyone else out there have a teeny tiny waisted one?  Well, my youngest is certainly that.  So besides her wearing the same shorts as last summer, I decided I need to make her a pair.  And with a coordinating super cute top, why not?

I came across this fabric at Crafty Planet a while back and it is so super cute!  Just cutesy enough for my girl. 

I traced a pair of her existing shorts and added a couple of Rae pockets!  Yep, I'll just nickname it that, the Rae pocket.  Otherwise known as the Pleated Pocket tutorial.  Just sized it down a bit and did a gather instead of the pleat, that's all. 

Of course I did manage to sew the pockets on in a weird location, so I had to rip them off and sew them back on, this time while the shorts were already sewn together - but it can be done. 

The tee came from target and yep, just added a teeny patch to the front.  I left the edges of the polka dot raw so it would fray up a bit for extra cuteness. 

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