sherbet pips quilt


I did it, I made myself cut them up.  Remember those Sherbet Pips?  I landed on this fun tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop and I love me some squares in squares. 

I used Kona medium gray and ash as the borders because I thought they balanced out the pinks and reds nicely.  The binding is from Moda's It's a Hoot line, love it.  Lucky for me, my local quilt shop is carrying at least part of the collection. 

As you already may know, this quilt is Natalie's Christmas present from me, and I know she's going to love it.  So knowing it would be hers, I had to use flannel for the backing because I knew she wouldn't want to cuddle with it unless it was warm and cozy. 

And I'd just like to say that the aqua fabric in the backing had one of the shortest turn around times in my fabric pile.  I had gotten it in the afternoon, washed it, and was sewing it up and basting it all in one night.  I didn't even plan it like that, so it was kind of nice.  It's part of Patty Young's new Sanctuary collection.

I'm also really proud of this quilt because it's the first time I did free motion quilting on a quilt, it's the largest quilt I've ever made (50x62), and I didn't get any wrinkles in the backing.  Yay. 

And of course I love the way it crinkled up now that it's washed!  Thanks Aneela for designing such cute fabrics, I can't wait to get some more.  I'm thinking they'll be great for children's clothes.  ♥

happy birds!


Just wanted to show off the cute prize I won on a giveaway over at my friend's Krista's blog, Spotted Stones.  If you haven't read her blog yet, you should.  She has some amazing quilting and sewing skills!  Plus she lives in Alaska and I think that's pretty cool, especially since I lived there for a summer in college myself. 

My girls love their birds, thank you Krista!  And if you want to buy some to hang on your Christmas tree, she still has a few left in her shop.

Oh, and if you're looking for a fun gift to get your sewing friends, my friend Christina over at The Sometimes Crafter just put together these super cute sewing calendars.  I had to pick one up for myself!  And if any of you are still swooning over the owl block print I used for my scrappy make-up pouches tutorial, she has more listed in her shop.

for the girls


I had made these for the girls a few weeks ago, and they love them.  The i-spy fabric patches were the remaining pieces left from the pack I started using on this pillow

I tried out free motion quilting again and am really liking it, seems to make quilting a little more interesting, just another option.  I can't wait to wash these up for the first time and see how they crinkle.

And for the very simple reason of being able to tell who's pillow is who's, I hand embroidered their names on a little patch on the back of each pillow.  It's funny, but they absolutely love that part!  I see more embroidery in my future, it's just so nice to be able to curl up on the couch and work on a little project.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'm off to start cleaning and making a batch of Apple Pie Squares!  Yum!

my nephew's Christmas stocking


I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to have this present finished up so it can be used this Christmas season.  My newest nephew Grant was born in September and since his mom and dad already have stockings I made them a couple years ago, I figured it would be the perfect project.

I used my own Christmas Stocking Tutorial. It was actually perfect timing because a few people were asking me about the old file, so I updated the pdf file of the pattern pieces so that it prints on 3 sheets of letter size paper.  I should also add that I omitted the small fabric strip below the name on this version (my tutorial calls for a small piece sewn between the name and the body of the stocking - just didn't want this to mess anyone up who plans on making a stocking).

Good thing Grant's name isn't very long, it only took me a few hours to do the embroidery.  I had fun taking this not so Christmas-y fabric and making it Christmas looking.  The little lines are just long running stitches with embroidery floss and make it nice and quilted.  :)

I really love this size stocking, it's big enough to fit some really fun stocking stuffers, just looking out for ya Grant...

ps. I'd like to add that it's been terribly dreary and raining here lately, I am almost to the point where I'm wishing for snow in hopes of brightening things up around here, it's almost impossible to get a good picture when it looks like it's 5 o'clock at night all day long.  Such is life...

flower power


Oh yeah baby!  A little flower action heading into winter isn't such a bad thing.  Brings a little smile to my face every time I walk by it in fact.

When I saw Allison's pillow tutorial way back when, I knew I'd be making one.  And I finally found the felt color that I wanted to use for the petals, a lovely shade of gray.  Not your typical flower color, but beautiful and modern none the less. 

Not sure where this little gem will reside, but I did catch my husband laying on it the other night and scolded reminded him that those were the kind of pillows to look at, not to smash up on.  Sorry Buttercup.

Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful crafty weekend, I know you're all busy preparing for Thanksgiving and working diligently on your Christmas projects.  :)

i heart linen coaster set


Of course I heart linen.  How could you not? (okay, don't answer that)  I had gotten Rashida's book a long time ago from our library.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love our library?  I get to request books online then they show up at our local library down the street, my idea of heaven. 

Anyway, I finally got to making the coaster set from the book.  They're just so cute.  I've seen tons of tutorials and just about everyone making coasters and now I know why.  It's just a quick and fun project that doesn't have a lot of rules.  Love that.

I used scraps and just pieced my coaster tops however I wanted, easy peasey.  And the little storage tray is just adorable. This one's going out to a friend of mine, but I think I'll be making more.  They'd be great hostess or Christmas gifts!

gimme some of those sherbet pips!


I really wanted to jump into my computer screen and steal all of Aneela's new fabric line Sherbet Pips (to be making it's debut this coming spring for Moda) when she first showed them on her blog. 

I love the cuteness of it all and the colors are just beautiful.  I especially am taken by the sweet little puppies and bursts of red, it's delicate and modern at the same time and I love that. Natalie saw them on my desk today and kept saying how beautiful the fabrics were.

Trying to be sneaky, I didn't let her in on the fact that I'm making her a little project with it.  :) yay!

colors of fall...indoors


It's kinda sad.  All the leaves in our neighborhood have fallen.  The tree in our front yard was the last to hold out.  It's leaves turned a beautiful golden yellow and are now decorating our entire front yard beautifully.  I couldn't resist going out to snap a few pics while it was raining this morning.

Just looking outside was enough inspiration for a color palette for some fresh new pillows for our bedroom.

I love the golden yellows and browns and everything else thrown in there. 

And of course they're made with an invisible zip, so they reverse to this pretty little number:

Innocent Crush, oh how I love this fabric.  There's just something so different about it.  And Anna Maria's color choices never disappoint, there's really nothing like them out there.  Good in a way, but I couldn't find anything in my stash to go with them, so I ended up using 7 of her prints and made this side a simple square patchwork. 

So there are my pillows for the Pillow Challenge.  I think I'll be on a pillow break for a bit (maybe).  Have a great weekend!

headboard, finally!


I think I've waited for at least 7 years to finally get a headboard for my bed.  The best part is that I made it myself, and I'm so happy with it. 

Upholstered in my favorite home dec print, Heath, which just happens to go along with my wall color nicely.

I followed the basic directions from this post originally found over at Remodelaholic.  The only changes I made were making it a simple rectangle and using 1" foam (because, dang, 2" foam is pricey).  I think the 1" works for our needs anyway and at half the price, we're good to go.

The plywood is actually some leftover scrap from another project, so I think the total cost of the headboard including fabric (and protecting it with scotch guard) was about $50, not too shabby.

Now I'd better get back to work on the new pillows I'm making for our bed....

my lovely dresser


I got so lucky on this one.  Really lucky, I think. 

I was going to set up for the craft show I attended a few weeks ago and walked by this lovely antique shop.  I had been to the shop before, but usually they have furniture that is quite a bit older.  Anyway, I was walking by the front window and I stopped dead in my tracks.  A really cool vintage dresser for only $50.  I was definitely thinking it would be priced higher before I saw the price tag.

I jumped for joy and patiently (ha!) waited for the store to open so I could rush in and buy it!

It fits really nicely near my front door and it'll be a great place to store things and display a few seasonal decorations and other pretty things.  I love how the handles are integrated into the drawers, they're so cool.

I did get a shot of the tag on the back of the dresser.  Seems like the company, Fredericia, is still in business and the piece was made in Denmark.  If anyone knows any other info on this company or furniture I'd love to hear about it. 

couldn't help it...


I just had to order some Macaroni Love Story by Heather Ross from Spoonflower

I'm washing it today and hopefully I'll dream up what to make with it, although I do have something in mind already.  :)

Have a great Sunday!

modern tealight holder tutorial


In the mood for a little something different? Well, Melissa from The Polkadot Chair asked me to guest blog and this is what I came up with!

I think this would be a great addition to any decor. I made one for my dining room table for thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and single one just for fun!  Make it any length to suit your space, add your favorite tealight, and you're all set!

And if you're writing your Christmas to-make list, I think this would be such a fun present or a great hostess gift.

Stop by The Polkadot Chair and check out the full tutorial HERE!

(ps. I don't think it could look any better with my Grandma's fabric she gave me, perfect for Thanksgiving!)

pile 'o pillows


I told my friend that I would make her pillows a looong time ago.  You know I can't turn down a pillow making project. 

We had fun going to my local quilt shop and doing some fabric shopping, and came away with a cute stack of modern fabrics. 

Most of the fabrics are from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow collection, with a little Amy Butler thrown in just to mix it up.

I sketched out a couple designs and went with it!  Of course I did manage to make a slight measuring error on the king size pillow, forgot the measure twice cut once rule.  Oh well, it turned out great anyway and no one is the wiser.  :) 

I love how using an invisible zipper makes pillows reversible, so there end of being tons of fun combinations.  And now I think I know how to make a really durable and time tested pillow.  Fully lined with muslin on both sides and serged edges, love how it gives it such a professional look.

ps. House on Hill Road is hosting a Pillow Challenge Week, so check it out!

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