ringo pie: quilt on a line


Just finished up my Ringo Pie block for Corey of Little Miss Shabby.  Check out her amazing pillow she just made, makes me want to make pillows!  Corey's theme was quilts on a line, so I tried to think of something different.  I drew so many sketches for this block, somehow each one was way too complicated, I'm a simple kind of gal.  So of course laying in bed one night after being extremely frustrated, I thought of what I wanted, a quilt at night.

If you're like me at all, I'm pretty crappy at remembering things, so sometimes when I hang stuff out to dry it ends up there overnight.  Probably not a good thing, but at least they dry the next day, right?

I think the contrast from the dark sky is so pretty with the bright happy quilt.  And I couldn't resist adding Mr. Moon and a twinkly little star.

You can see my previous ringo pie blocks: herehere,herehere, and herehere, and here.

Hope you have a great weekend!

feeling fall - pumpkin cheesecake


It's very much fall here in Wisconsin, the leaves haven't gotten to the completely awesome point yet, but I hope to get a few pictures of them to share, it's just really beautiful along the Mississippi.

Instead of sewing this past weekend I did tons of baking.  I've been seeking out the perfect Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe, really, I've been searching high and low.  I had gotten the most delicious slice of Pumpkin cheesecake at Starbucks the other day and I just can't get over how good it was.  Light and fluffy and so creamy.

[fabric is 1001 peeps by lizzyhouse]

I did my best to combine a couple recipes and after two attempts I think I came up with one that was pretty close to what I wanted.  I first spotted this recipe from Sugarcrafter and then combined it with Emeril's Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake recipe.

So here it is if you want to give it a try (and to keep a record of what I did for myself):

1 c. crushed gingersnap cookies
1 c. graham cracker crumbs
2 T. brown sugar
6 T butter, melted
1/2 t. cinnamon

2, 8oz. packages cream cheese
1 can (15oz.) pumpkin puree, using almost the whole can, or make your own pumpkin puree
3/4 lb. ricotta cheese (I used the whole milk variety - yum)
1/2 c. brown sugar
5 eggs
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. pumpkin pie spice

For the crust mix all together press into a 9" springform pan and then pop it into the freezer.

Beat the cream cheese until it's fluffy, add pumpkin, ricotta and mix well.  Add brown sugar. Add eggs one at a time until combined, then add the spices.  Pour filling into crust.

Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes, then open the oven door, set the temp to 200 degrees, close the door, and bake an additional hour or more until center is just a little wiggly (mine took about an hour and 20 minutes).  Not sure if it would work better using emeril's baking instructions, but if I make another one I'll let you know!

And here's a few fall snaps from around my house just for fun....

I've been feeling rather un-sewy lately, I sat down to make a ringo pie block last night and gave up because I was too tired.  I'm hoping it's just the change of the seasons!  Oh, and thank you for all your most awesome comments on my black dress, makes me feel really happy. ♥

little black dress


I'm so excited to share this with you guys today! I finished it up Friday and meant to post over the weekend, but it was so beautiful out, I just couldn't sit down at the computer (except to read blogs and ooogle at everything on pinterest of course).

                                                                     Source: anthropologie.com via Anna on Pinterest

A while back I had pinned a pretty little black dress from anthropology meaning to make something similar, had gotten the fabric and everything. What came out was slightly different, although I do think that it'll get lots more use from me than the pinned one might have.

I loved the high neck and pretty trims on the inspiration dress, so that's what I went for. I used my own pattern, just referencing some shirts I had to make the pattern pieces. And of course I did a little adjusting along the way, it felt kind of funny sitting at the sewing machine half dressed trying on the dress now and then. But it works.

[still need to add a hook/eye at the top!]

 I even put in an invisible zipper, a first on clothing for me, I usually just have used them for pillows, but the concept is pretty much the same.

I did fully line the dress with just some cheap broadcloth, and the main dress fabric is something synthetic (eek!), but it's pretty and appropriate for the dress, just a simple pattern with a little bit of detail. The silhouette is pretty simple, just a couple bust darts to give it a little shape.

And I love the tiny crochet trim at the neckline and hem. It's surprisingly comfortable and I think it'll get a lot of use.

Even looks cute with a cardigan. And I really need to make the girls something similar, I just love the look layered with tights, very mod.

color block dress


I totally forgot to blog about this dress I made for Natalie (last summer even), but I finally got some pictures of her in it, and it's pretty darn cute.  So I'm sharing.  And don't worry, there's hardly anything I make that doesn't get shared here, sometimes I wish I had so much to share that I couldn't fit it all in.  Someday.

It's another Warhol Dress, pattern and tutorial can be found on MADE.  I used a clearance old navy shirt that already had this great color blocking, but it could also be pretty easily done by cutting up old t-shirts, too.

So soft and colorful, and maybe we'll be doing some layering so share can wear it into fall and winter.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

grant pack, grant pack


Grant pack, grant pack, on the backpack loaded up with things and knick knacks too! So sorry for all you non-Dora watchers (and the like), that damn backpack song gets stuck in my head every. single. time. I talk about backpacks.  Oh well.  

So I made my nephew Grant a backpack as part of his birthday present.  I had gotten the cars fabric so long ago (from Superbuzzy) with the intention of making him a backpack, well the time finally came.  I had also tucked away Made by Rae's Toddler Backpack pattern and wanted to give it a go, it's so cute with it's little handle and piping details. 

I did interface the backpack front and back pieces with canvas, it's pretty sturdy, but nice and lightweight at the same time.  The only thing I might have done if I had more time would have been to finished the edges with bias tape instead of just serging them.  Next time, right?  (and just for fun, it took me just over an hour to finish, I was under the gun!!)

In the car on the way up I managed to embroider his name on a little scrap of linen and then hand sewed it to the inside of the back piece, just in case it ever gets left behind somewhere.

happy birthday Grant!

my go anywhere bag


Hopefully you're not too sick of seeing my bags.  :)  This is my Go Anywhere Bag that I'm keeping. All I can say is that I was more than happy to transfer my belongings into it as soon as I finished sewing it up.  And you might wonder if I keep all these bag for myself.  I don't.  I didn't even keep a 241 tote, one went to my friend Rossie, the other to my mom (whom I've finally decided, has enough bags).  I like sharing what I make with people I care about though, so it's always a good feeling to be able to hand something I've made over to a friend.

[lined with linen and handmade linen piping on each pocket]

I had hoarded this echino camera print for too long waiting for just the right project.  I really love using this bag, my favorite part has to be the divided front pocket, I haven't yet lost my phone or sunglasses or keys in it yet.

Um, well, I guess I should say that I did 'lose' them in the back pocket for a while, but then I figured it all out.  I had a bit of a panic attack at the post office thinking I had lost the mailbox keys.  Whew.

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend! We're off to Minneapolis to celebrate my nephew Grant's first birthday.

fabric tray tutorial


I'm excited to join in again this year for Skip to My Lou's Holiday Bake, Craft and Sew Along!  This project is really fun because you can make it as simple or complex as you'd like and there's really no rules, love that.

I had made a tray earlier this year for my dad and I figured this would be a simple project to share!
This is a great project to make to combine with a few other goodies for a hostess gift, a gift for your not-so-organized husband as a place for him to set his glasses and wallet and spare change, or for a special friend.  Fill it with treats, magazines, recipes, anything works!  I've included dimensions to make three different sized fabric trays: pencil size (small), spare change size (medium), and magazine size (large).  This is also a great scrap busting project, so dig into your scrap bin and pull out your favs.  Enjoy!

Stop over at Skip to My Lou's Holiday Bake, Craft and Sew Along for the full tutorial!

I'd also like to note that there are a lot of similar projects out there, so if this isn't your cup of tea, try one of these fab tutorials:

finding treasures and a book winner!


Just thought I'd pop in today to show you a few fun things I found at an estate sale over the weekend:

[vintage arabia enamel bowl]

[something to hang on the awkward space next to the window in the kitchen]

Not at the estate sale, but still really cool, this lovely stack of fabrics, just waiting to be cut into:

[hometown by sweetwater for moda, candy trees by julia rothman for cloud 9 fabrics]

And to announce the Sewing for Boys book winner!  I was so thrilled with everyone's response, sounds like this book will be an awesome tool for all you moms (aunts, grandmas, too) with boys (and in some cases lots of boys!). So from the top of the heap:

10. Rebekah said...
I would love this!!

Congrats Rebekah, I sent you an email!

ps stay tuned tomorrow for a tutorial that has spent a long time in the queue.  ;)  I just love adding little surprises at the end of posts, let's me know who really reads through to the end.

Sewing for Boys Book Review & Giveaway!!! [CLOSED]


[Thank you to everyone who entered the Sewing for Boys book giveaway.]

I'm so excited today to be included in the Sewing for Boys Book blog tour.  If you haven't caught wind of it until now, the owners of Patterns by Figgy's, Shelly and Karen, co-authored a book!  And I know you'll be excited to hear that it's all about sewing for boys (of course I've already picked out quite a few projects that will be fun to make for my girls, too).

They did a fantastic job of compiling an awesome collection of 24 projects geared towards sewing for boys, you know, the most neglected gender in the sewing realm.  I'm so happy because it falls at no better time than my cute little nephew, Grant's first birthday!  I can't imagine being able to resist sewing things for him.  It's fun to dig through the 'ol fabric stash and find some goodies and think of how he might look in them, start walking in them, throw food at his parents in them, you get the picture....

So here's my version of the Easy Linen Shirt.  And guess what, it IS easy!  Probably the most fun and rewarding project I've made in a long time.  It required minimal effort and time to complete, has impeccable instructions, and is so cute!

I loved that they have all sorts of information on finishing seams, great techniques that you'll use over and over again.

I can't wait to sew up a couple pairs of Treasure Pocket Pants like Ashley, or maybe I'll give myself a challenge with The Henry Shirt like Meg did.  Definitely go check out the screaming deal on their book over at amazon!

Ready to win a copy of Sewing for Boys for yourself???

  • Just leave a nice comment!  One entry per person.  Please leave your email address in your comment. You can leave it in a format like this if you wish: anna [at] gmail [dot] com, it's up to you though, if you have your email listed in your blogger profile, that works too!
  • One winner will be chosen.
  • Open to international entries.
  • Giveaway ends Sunday, September 11th at 10pm (central time).

You can follow the rest of the blog tour with these fantastic bloggers in the upcoming weeks (and go check out the ones in the past too):
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[fabrics used: inner collar - katie jump rope by denyse schmidt, shirt - echo by lotta jansdotter for windham, vines (available early november)

it's done!


I finally, finally, finished up my t-shirt quilt over the weekend.  Talk about a project!  This was the most difficulty I had completing a sewing project ever.  I knew I wanted to finish it though, only five years or so after I started it.  You can read my other posts about it here and here.

I chose to do random line quilting, nothing very dense, just to keep things together.

So glad it's all done now, my favorite blanket by far.  After I got it from the dryer I immediately scooped it up and cuddled under it. 

oh and I love the back, I picked two black and white ginghams (one 1/8" the other is a 1")!
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