trick or treat!


Hope you all have an awesome Halloween!

Had to quick use up the cutest Halloween fabric I bought a while back by Riley Blake.  Jeni's drawstring bag tutorial was the perfect choice, so I decided to make 4.  My girls love them, they even carried around candy in them for a while until they decided to sneak upstairs and eat most of it.  Of course.

The other two are headed to their teachers, filled with a little Halloween treat inside.

my little monarch


Thank goodness for pinterest and friends.  Seriously, I was about to make Natalie her 'sock' costume that she wanted to be and then I saw my friend Kristin (skirt as top) pin this awesomely cute butterfly.  A sock wouldn't have been so bad, I actually had some creative ideas for it, but I'm so glad the butterfly came along.  Don't worry, Natalie had a whole list of possible costumes and luckily, a butterfly was near the top!

The instructions were really great, just discovered I should have bought more colored felt so I could have decorated both sides instead of just the back.  Oh well, next lifetime...

Meanwhile my little butterfly is pretty darn happy wearing her wings.

I'll take that as a yes, sew-a-long it is!


Thanks so much for all your sweet and kind comments about my skirt and I'm so glad there was so much interest in a sew-a-long.  Fun fun, I can't wait!!  I think with the hustle and bustle of last minute Halloween costumes and decorating it would be fun to go with the week of November 7-11.  That should give everyone enough time to gather supplies and grab the pattern, right?!

Just to get you started here's a few little bits:

Pattern: Simplicity 2226, I made view C with belt loops and no tie belt.  Simplicity patterns are available at Joanns, Hancock fabrics, hobby lobby, etc.  Hopefully there's a sale running somewhere, usually on sale they cost $.99 or $1.99.

Fabrics: (This is directly from the pattern envelope) damask, pique, twill, sateen, lightweight wool and wool blends, challis, crepe-back satin, jacquards, laundered silks-rayons, silk linen, brocade, satin, shantung, soft lightweight linen and linen blends.

I think a fine wale corduroy would also work well and of course any quilting weight cotton, too. I should also note that none of the sizes on the pattern require more than 2 1/8 yards of 44" wide fabric, most requiring just 2 yards!

Zipper: one 7" zipper

Other supplies needed: thread, hook/eye, lightweight fusible interfacing 1/2 yard would be more than plenty.

Here's the following breakdown of what the sew-a-long will probably look like:


Picking your size and tracing/cutting pattern pieces, fusing on interfacing

Creating pockets and main body of skirt.

Sew waistband and assemble to main skirt.

Inserting zipper (might also give it a whirl with an invisible zip which I think might be even easier), and finishing waistband.

Hemming & finished skirt reveal.

TBD: if anyone is interested I can hopefully figure out a linky party so you can all check out each other's skirts!

Oh and I just want to add a teensy little disclaimer here:  I'm am by no means an expert nor do I know all the answers to questions that may come up, I'm just excited about getting to sew with friends and to be able to help as much as I can along the way!  Thanks and I truly hope you'll join in!  ♥

fall skirt


wheee! this was a fun one.  I love it when I spot a cool fabric and have an immediate project for it.  Couldn't pass up this awesome print for $3.95 a yard at hancock's the other day.  I knew it was meant for a skirt.

I chose the Simplicity 2226 pattern after seeing Karyn (Make Something) make it earlier this year.  It's a great little pattern!!  It does really go into a lot of detail for a beginner, it's a learn to sew pattern.  The only thing is that it didn't go into seam finishing much, which is okay, but I really want to make something that will hold up for a while instead of shred apart after a few washings.  So I added my own finishings and it should last a while!

I was thinking it might be fun to do some kind of sew-a-long type thing using this pattern, would anyone be interested?  If enough people want to join in, I think it would be a great one for lots of figures, I think it's quite flattering.  And of course with a skirt, the options are pretty endless. Let me know and happy Friday!!!!!

crowns of flowers


Have you ever seen someone else's project and wanted to make the same thing right away?  Well that's what happened when I saw Maureen's felt flower crowns.  I finally begged her to send me some felt flowers and ties to make one for each of my girls.  And if you stop by Maureen Cracknell Handmade you can follow her Felt Crown tutorial to make some of your own.  Awesome, right?

I've been meaning to make these for so long, I don't know why I put it off, they were so easy and fun to make. Very little sewing involved, so a great project for beginners!

I mostly got poses like this pout, our little photo shoots don't always go how I plan.  :)

kcwc: his outfit


 A long sleeve raglan tee:

And a pair of Treasure Pocket Pants:

[just noticed this pic makes it look like I made one pant leg longer than the other, I promise they're the same length!]

A match made in boy heaven I do say.

I love knits for kids.  I love them most because they're the clothes my kids pick out more often than most of woven fabric garments I've made (at least tops that is).  I love these patterns (both in the Sewing for Boys book I reviewed earlier).  This knit shirt is the easiest shirt you'll ever make, no hemming, love that.  I think it took me about an hour to make the shirt and that includes pattern tracing and fabric selection time.  I had to add the little beep! to the front, sorry I'm such a sucker for cute.  And my nephew is such a little cutie, I can't wait to see pictures of him wearing these clothes (his mommy is always so good about showing me the things I make in action).

The pants weren't as quick to make, but I really enjoyed making them.  I didn't use a serger at all.  I kind of love that.  French seams and turn and stitch seams make for a super professional and sturdy pair of pants!  And the faux fly, it's over the top cute.  Lots of great details you won't find in many store bought clothes.

That about wraps up what I made for the kcwc.  Fun was had by all!  Hope you have a super awesome Sunday!  Thanks for reading.  ♥

[Fabrics: Pants, Honk Honk by Michael Miller, Kaufman shot cotton; shirt, random knits from Hancock fabrics]

kids clothes week: another cardigan and some skirts


Jumping into Kids Clothes Week Challenge with Elsie Marley, you're doing it, right?

Hope it doesn't bore you, but I had made another version of my bias trimmed cardigan tutorial for Natalie.  I desperately wanted to use this little tiny floral trim I had swapped with Adrianne of Crafterhours.  It was perfect, who doesn't love pre-made bias tape?!  I'll take it!

This was actually the first cardigan I made, so it's a smidge different than the tutorial - just added pleats to the tops of the shoulders because I had cut it way too big.

The other things I made, did you notice?  The little shot cotton skirts (even though it looks like chambray) to go with their cardigans.  It was last minute, but then, a simple gathered skirt doesn't take any time at all, maybe I'll go through my whole fabric stash and make a million skirts, maybe not.  Anywho, I whipped them up as quick as I could.  Came in pretty handy that I had finally written the girls' measurements down using this Child Measurement Chart from Owly Baby.

I added a couple little pintucks at the bottom of Natalie's skirt, I think they're divine.

[thought I should throw this in here again just so you don't have to go back and look at their skirts together from the last post]

Hope to get at least one more project done for KCWC!  I'd better hop to it!

bias trimmed knit cardigan tutorial


Very honored that my friend Rachel of Stitched in Color asked me to hang out today and post up a little tutorial for Celebrate Color!  If you haven't been following along, catch up on all her posts here.  Today I thought I'd share a quick little cardi you can make for that sweet little girl in your life (or heck, you could even make one for yourself!).  When I think of fall I think of bright saturated colors, so that's what these little cuddly layers represent.

It's fun, quick, and super easy, I promise.  All you need is some knit fabric, a ballpoint sewing machine needle, and some double fold bias tape.

  • 1/2 or more of knit fabric, depending on what size you're making, interlock would be great
  • 1/2" double fold bias tape (one yard)
  • thread
  • ballpoint needle
  • cardigan pattern

[1/4" seam allowance used throughout]

I decided it might be easier to include a couple pattern pieces for the cardigan (download from link above), I made a size 2/3T and a 5T.  You can choose to use the pattern pieces or you could make your own, or if you have a simple raglan tee pattern you can modify that.  It's quite forgiving, and quick, so if you don't get it right the first time, give it another try!

Assemble pattern pieces, cut desired size and tape together at matching letters on pattern pieces.  Cut two body pieces on the fold and two sleeve pieces on the fold.

Stitch sleeves to body pieces right sides together.  I just used a regular stitch and foot on my machine. Here's a diagram of how the sleeves get sewn to the body:

Cut an opening straight up one body piece (this creates the cardigan opening and will be the front).  Next you can align the top front edges and trim away a little scoop for the front like so:

Next, place the cardigan flat right sides of facing.  Pin. Sew, going under the arm continuing down the body of each side.

Lastly attach the double fold bias tape to the neck edge, leaving a tail of tape on either side.  You can either sandwich it on, or open it up, stitch on the fold then fold it over the knit to the other side and sew, being sure to sew all the way to the ends of the tape.

Tie a knot in each end of the tape, plop it on a cute kid, and you're ready for fall!

And if you're new to sewing with knit fabric, Luvinthemommyhood and I had a fun little series with tons of great tutorials and tips, find them here and here.

what's for lunch?


Okay, so Natalie is in kindergarten, and loving it.  It's been so fun to see her learning all sorts of awesome things, but we really do miss her here at home.  The funny thing is that she asked me to pack her lunch everyday.  We tried out hot lunch for the first couple weeks, but then she asked for me to send lunch with.  No problem, I'm a lunch kind of person, it's definitely my favorite meal besides breakfast.  Have you guys seen all the cool bento boxes people are making for their kids?  I mean really. cool. stuff.

                                                               Source: via Anna on Pinterest

                                                                Source: via Anna on Pinterest

                                                                Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Although I don't plan on being quite that cool, I have had fun scouring the web for some fun lunch stuff and ideas.

Here's a couple fun bento mamas blogging away: Bento Mama and Wendolina. Definitely check out their sites, they have super cool ideas!!

I bought some really cute lunch accessories from Bento & Co.

I was nervous ordering but what I ordered didn't cost that much, so I took the risk.  It came pretty quickly and - so cute!

I also had gotten this little bento panda last year for snacks.  We didn't use it much, but now it's what I use to put her lunch in everyday.  I totally wanted to make a little lunch bag, but she was totally into picking out her own bag and chose this littlest pet shop bag.  Cute and functional.

How about you? Do you pack lunches everyday?  I think this is one way of making it less like a chore and more like fun!  Just curious too, if you like random non-sewing kind of posts like this?  I figured it was something creative so it was fun to share it here....

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