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Archive | July, 2012

moody blue dress

I love this color shot cotton, it’s so gorgeous.  I had to keep it on my shelf for so long just dreaming up with to make with it.  This is the last of the pleated front button up dress/tunic parade.

Hoping I can get the pattern together sooner than later.

The covered buttons were so fun, I had Natalie pick which buttons she wanted, I think she chose well.  Hopefully she’ll wear the dress, if not it’ll be passed along to Emily when she’s big enough.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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sewing with kids: mini quilts

I think this is the perfect project to start out with younger children interested in sewing.  Natalie and Emily were begging to sew these little quilts once we talked about them a little bit.  It was fun!  

They each started out by picking out fabrics from my scrap bin.  Next I helped them each create a block.  It was interesting to see how they did!  Natalie had the hardest time keeping the fabric straight, Emily couldn’t reach the pedal, so I did the driving.  A good time was had.

So after they each made their scrappy block I added some sashing, free motion quilted it, and bound them using scraps!  Really a great way to use up any scraps of fabric, batting, or binding.  Plus now they both have a little quilt for their dolls or toys, it’s fun to see them dragging them around to play with.

I think I sense a Hello Kitty sewing machine headed this way for Christmas! eeek!

How about you, do you sew with your kids?

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sunflower dress

 On with the parade.  This was actually the first attempt on this version of the tunic/dress.  I had this sunflower fabric (long ago from Valori Wells) in my stack forever, like too forever.  

I was thinking of getting rid of it, but then I figure I might as well dice into it and see what it would look like.  My stash is getting smaller-ish, still too much, I suppose I’ll be happy when I can fit it all in my shelves again.  The good thing is that my scrap bins are overflowing.  Yay!

Anyway, Emily loves her dress, it’s so cute to see her button it up.

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seersucker tunic

I love this tunic, seriously, love it.  I had envisioned it for a long time after making this one.

The buttons really make it I think, they reminded us of sour cheery balls, yum.  Those things are addicting, and I don’t even like candy that much.

After thinking about making the pattern for the first tunic, I added this little twist, some fun pockets and I think I’m satisfied.

It’s fun and simple and will look great in lots of different fabrics! And don’t worry, you might be seeing a little parade of these this week.

I’ll be working on this pattern more, I think I’ll be able to go up to a girls 5/6, possibly a size larger.  

Thanks for stopping by and always being so supportive.

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