peonies and a tooth


The flowers are out! Way ahead of time.  Seems strange, almost everyday I get confused at what time of year it is and think it's fall already.  Good thing it's not, because I can't wait for some summer fun!  I think I'm most excited about going blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry picking.  Hoping to load up the freezer this time, too.

[yes, that's my sewing scissors, doubles as a peony cutting device, cringe]

Of course the girls discovered that the peonies were indeed blooming already!  In the past I've never really cut many to put inside and enjoy, but this year I'm cutting away!  They only last so long before it's over, and the smell, it fills up my whole kitchen!  Of course Emily cut her first stems about 1" long, ha.  I rescued them and put them in a shallow bowl.

[of course the beagle had to get a piece of the action too]

On a not so similar note, the same day we cut the peonies, was the day after Natalie lost her first tooth.  Had to document the occasion.  She pulled it out during math time at kindergarten (she must have been bored).  It's kind of scary how fast they're growing up.  These little milestones keep passing by so quick.

voile pierrot top


I was oh so lucky to get this lovely Pierrot Tunic pattern from Rae.  Seriously people, she puts out amazing patterns, great shapes, thorough, and so perfectly detailed (but not overly detailed so it's like a novel kind of detailed, just the right amount).  And even if I didn't think she was completely amazing (which I totally do), I would tell everyone to buy her patterns anyway.

So I had to cut up some voile (Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner) I had laying around.  Natalie first thought she wanted a dress, so I cut her a dress and by the time we were finished, it morphed a swingy comfy top with pockets sans ruffle (guess she has the right to change her mind, ha).  I felt slightly guilty cutting off the dress part, but those scraps will get used some way or another.

She actually likes the top, I think mostly because I kept having her try it on and tell me what she liked about it or what she wanted changed.  It was kind of fun!  I begged her to let me put on the pockets though, I couldn't help myself.

That's all for now!

guest posting with jess!


Stop on over today on the Vintage May tour at Craftiness is Not Optional, I'm sharing a cute little pleated tunic!

Have a great weekend!

flashback tee


[Just sharing this post here, originally a guest post on Elsie Marley!]

Hey! Kids Clothes Week Challenge is back,  I'm happy to be guest posting today!  I got to try out Made by Rae's Flashback Tee pattern!  I can tell you that if you have children in your life at all, you really should have this pattern in your arsenol.  Rae has every detail covered, so if you're new to knits, you can jump right in and feel at home.  Seriously.

I did struggle with picking out my fabrics, I've got a huge tub of knits that I have stashed, for no real reason.  The only thing is that I didn't really have anything that my girls liked.  Except this one print.  I love it!  I ordered it from Girl Charlee a long time ago and have been saving it for the perfect thing, this was it.  I made both a 5T and a 3T long sleeved out of 1 yard.  And if I ever complain that my kids wear matching clothes more than I'd like, you can kindly refer me to this post and tell me it's my own fault.

Oh and I also busted my twin needle right before I went to thread it. Bummer.  Lucky for me there's more than one way to hem a shirt, love that about sewing (and Rae's lovely tips).

I can't wait to see all the awesome kids' clothes coming up, thanks for having me us Meg!



a little improv block in the mail today...

  • Have you guys been following the Vintage May series on Craftiness is Not Optional and Skirt As Top?  Lots of cute vintage style being passed around.  My post is later this week.  They've also got a cool Pinterest board, check that out when you have a few hours to kill. 
  • Color Your Summer II by Delia Creates and Kojo Designs is starting soon, I get to hang out and share something, just need to narrow down my ideas now!  Starts June 4th, which is already just around the corner!
  • Hope everyone had fun at market, did you spot Anna Maria Horner's new line, Field Study??  I love the feathers quilt.  Gorgeous.  You can oogle over a ton of fun pictures about it here at Sew Sweetness.

swiss dot shirt


A shirt for me!  I'm so excited about it, I have been craving this kelly green color for a long time.  Found this lovely and soft swiss dot fabric on sale at Hancock Fabrics the other day and had to take it home. I've been trying to use up the fabric I have, but when I stop to pick up some buttons the other day, I couldn't help it! 

It's really soft and comfy, this pattern is about as good as it gets for me as far as comfort wise.  It's New Look 6871, View D, and I've made it before in voile.  Might be making another one soon, too!  Plus it's just a pullover style top, no buttons or zippers to deal with so it comes together pretty quick!

I think it's perfect to wear to work under a cardigan.  Again, I made the same adjustments as my first top, no interfacing and omitting the bottom band.  That's it!  (I made a size 10, just an FYI, I'm usually a size M).

Hope everyone at market is having fun!  I'm headed to Minneapolis this weekend to visit my brother and his family, might just try spending some of my gift certificate at Crafty Planet that they had given me for Christmas.  yay!

her quilted pillow


This was the mother's day gift I made for my mom.  It coordinates with the Swoon quilt I made her.  She requested a pillow for the bed she has it on and I think it's a nice finishing touch for the bed.

I worked until the very last minute on this, but I'm so glad I finished!  I was quilting it with about a half hour before I had to leave the house for the day and just managed to finish.  After I gave it to my mom I tried to open up the zipper and it got stuck!  I was so mad!!!

Luckily my dad came to the rescue with a pliers and we got it open, phew!  The zipper pull had actually pulled past the end stops, but after we pulled it open I sewed the zip a little shorter so it won't happen again.

[our attempt at a mother's day pic]

Hope you had a lovely mother's day.  What do you make for the mother in your life?  Or maybe you made something for yourself?  I'd love to hear about it.  :)

[just had to show off this cool vintage table cloth my Aunt Mary has, love it!]

vintage-y dress


Have you guys heard about the Vintage May series that Skirt As Top and Craftiness is Not Optional are putting on? I'm pretty excited that I was asked to join in, Kristin and Jess are two awesome friends of mine and they're always coming up with great things! So my guest post is coming up later this month, but I had to try a couple ideas first.

This dress for Emily being one of them. It's really similar to Jess' dress yesterday in it's construction. So be sure to check out her tutorial here if you want to make something similar.

I had this Sandi Henderson print at the bottom of my fabric stack forever. I'm not that fond of it, even though I think it's really pretty. So I figured cutting into it without much of a plan wouldn't be hurt so bad. Luckily it went pretty smoothly, I ended up completely lining the top (which is all about comfort as far as I'm concerned). No itchy or scratchy seams.

I also did a hem facing, totally love it. I like being able to add in a secondary fabric for an extra special touch.  I also used some vintage buttons that I have had forever, I think they're the perfect match!

That's all for now!  I'm excited about my guest post later on this month!

ps, I'm off to Amanda Jean's book signing tonight in Madison, wohoo!

sherbet pips jammie pants


A spur of the moment type thing this weekend.  Decided I needed to cut into the lovely Sherbet Pips puppy fabric I had been hoarding (by the lovely Aneela for Moda).  I kept thinking pajamas for these prints. And maybe I'll make coordinating pajama tops for these pants someday, but I just don't think they'd wear them.  But these pants will definitely get worn, the last set I made has definitely been outgrown.  

I used the Slumber party Jammies pattern by Make It Perfect.  It was already traced and ready to go, so that made things even easier.  I changed the cuff a little so I didn't have any hemming, and used 1" elastic instead of 3/4", hopefully that'll help keep them up where they belong!  (The cuff fabric is a random polka dot from Hancock Fabrics and the other is Hello Pilgrim by Lizzy House)

I keep thinking how my kids are in a phase now where they aren't wearing much of what I make them, usually whatever I make gets worn a couple times and then they forget about them.  The soft knit shirts and pants that I've made get worn the most.  So I'm thinking I'll try to be a little more selective when making them clothes, hey, maybe I'll just end up making more clothes for me instead!  

crazy mistakes and some tips


You might think that everything I sew turns out pretty great and that every project goes smoothly, well, think again.  Some projects do go really well and as planned, and I love that.  But that's not real life.  So don't ever get down on yourself if something you try to make doesn't turn out as planned, it happens to me, to everyone.  I sat down the other night to make myself a tiny pocket tank by grainline studios the other night.

It didn't go well.  And there were warning signals that as I look back, kept dinging in my head.  But I thought I was doing okay, everything seemed pretty smooth.  Then I finished and went to try it on and, ugh, looked horrible.  And I mean horrible!  At first I thought maybe I just picked the wrong size, but as I fiddled with it in front of the mirror I realized my problem.  In the first step, when you sew the bust darts, I totally messed up.  So from there on it was like a train wreck.  So I'm turning this into a few tips for you!  Great, huh?  This applies to any kind of sewing, not just this pattern (because it was and is really awesome, you should check it out!).

1.  Read and follow directions, note all pattern markings.  Here's where I screwed up the most, I jumped in didn't read the directions, forgot to look at the pattern markings for the darts and jumped right in.  Be sure to look things over, it'll be well worth your time!

2. If something doesn't feel right to you or look right, you're probably right, go with your gut.  Once again, I tried up the tank after I sewed up the darts, thought they looked kind of pointy and too generous, but I just brushed it off, against my gut feeling.  So if something doesn't seem right, double check, re-read the directions.

3.  If you're sewing a garment, try it on as you go.  No rules here, just try it on, even if you don't have the facings finished or sleeves attached, just give it a quick try, look in the mirror.  You'd be surprised at what you might catch.

4.  Up late?  Frustrated and tired usually doesn't make for good decisions.  If you're not feeling it, pack it away for the night, you'd be surprised what good rest will do.  After I realized what I had done, I chose to sleep on it and fix it the next day, I ripped many seams and re-sewed almost the whole tank.  I was able to at least save the project, not exactly as I had hoped, but it's wearable and I'm happy.

Hope that helps!  Sewing for yourself can be really rewarding.  ♥

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