washi tunic


Yep, had to do it.  After my first Washi dress I couldn't fight the urge to make another one.

This time I had to go with a tunic.  And this lovely linen print, Essex Print La Femme Tonal Black by Robert Kaufman that I got over at Pink Chalk Fabrics.

I wore it to work today, pink cords and all.  It's super comfy.  I watched Rae's amazing videos (seriously, she's crazy talented) and did a partial lining.  It's so fun and I think it's easier than the facings and more comfy too perhaps.

I did lengthen the tunic and did a narrow rolled hem on the bottom.

Oh and my necklace is so rad, I bought it on etsy from Alina & T!  I call it my Katniss Everdeen necklace.

Have a great weekend!

travel handmade: toothbrush & toothpaste case DIY tutorial


Hi there!  Today I'm joining in the fun for Sewing Summit's Travel Handmade series.  I'm really excited about getting to travel on my own, it's been a while!  I hate to admit it, but usually for day trips and over-nighters I put my things in a plastic shopping bag.  So sad.  This little toothbrush/toothpaste case will be perfect though.  No more messy, wet or slimy tooth brushing equipment floating around my bag anymore!  It's quick, easy, and cute!

Materials needed:
  • bathroom hand towel, new or up-cycled (it would be so cute with a vintage printed towel!) you'll have enough for at least 2 cases or more!
  • 1/2" double fold bias tape, store bought or handmade (I made mine by cutting bias strips 2.25" wide), a yard will be more than plenty
  • small scrap of fabric for button reinforcement
  • button
  • small length of ribbon
  • walking foot is recommended!

Cut the pieces, you'll need one case back and one pocket front as indicated:
Round the top two corners of the case back.
Make bias tape (unless using store bought).

Apply bias tape to top edge of front pocket. Open up bias tape.  Align raw edge of bias tape to raw edge of the front pocket.  Pin in place.  Sew along the first fold.  Flip bias tape around the back of the pocket covering the raw edge.  Stitch in place close to the inside fold.  Trim edges as necessary.

Lay front pocket on top of back case piece.  Sew a dividing line down the front (through both layers) if you wish to make a divided pocket (great for stashing a flossing stick or your toothbrush.  Place the length of ribbon at the top of the flap, sew in place.

Open up bias tape. Fold short edge of bias tape to the wrong side.  Pin in place.  Sew along the first fold around entire case, overlapping when the bias tape ends meet up.

Fold bias tape over, wrapping the raw edge, mitering the corners.  Stitch close to the inside fold of the bias tape around case.

Take a small scrap of fabric and tuck it behind where you'll be sewing the button.  Hand sew button in place.  And that's it!  To close the case, simply fold over the flap and wind the ribbon around the button.

Travel happy!

everything is possible


// Pink Clouds at night, photo by me, on instagram @noodlehead531
// a little inspirational quote
// have a great weekend!

Sidekick Tote Pattern


I love this bag, I've been using mine for well over a month and the exterior pocket is just perfect.  I don't think I'll ever carry another bag that doesn't have an exterior pocket, you just NEED one.  It's a perfect spot to stash your phone, keys, and even a pair of sunglasses.  Make it patchwork or use a single print, it's beautiful either way.  Best of all, the recessed zipper keeps everything safely inside.  Wear is over your shoulder or cross-body style, the adjustable strap let's you choose.  Great for those busy days of errand running or kid chasing!

[left: small bag size, right: large bag size]

[Pocket option A]

The Sidekick Tote features:
  • 2 bag sizes
  • recessed zipper
  • 2 exterior pocket styles
  • adjustable strap (perfect for cross-body wearing)

In this pattern you'll find:

  • step-by-step instructions with full color photos
  • full size print-at-home pattern pieces
  • recessed zipper instructions
  • instructions for 2 different exterior pocket styles

Materials Needed:
  • 3/4 yard exterior (includes strap)
  • 3/4 yard lining (1/2 yard if using an additional accent fabric)
  • 1 1/2 yards fusible interfacing - Pellon SF101
  • 12” zipper
  • 1.5” adjustable strap hardware (optional)
  • 1 yard 1/2” double fold bias tape - store bought or handmade using 2” strips of fabric cut on bias for pocket option B
  • thread
  • Hook & Loop Tape (Velcro) 3/4” wide by 1.25” long
  • water soluble pen
  • walking foot is helpful
  • size 16 needle (most helpful for topstitching)

Approx. Finished Bag Dimensions:
Small: 12” tall by 12.5” wide
Large: 15” tall by 14” wide

By purchasing this pattern, I also give you (the purchaser of this pattern) the rights to sell Sidekick Totes made using this pattern (on a home based scale). Additional information regarding the license to sell is included in the pattern.

This is a 25 page PDF pattern with full size print-at-home pattern pieces and includes detailed step-by-step instructions with color photographs.

This pattern is a PDF file instant download. Please be sure to check your email address listed in your Paypal profile, the instant download link will be sent to that email address (a screen with the download link will also pop up after you complete the transaction).  

NOTICE: It may not be possible to download this file directly to your iPad or Android tablet/mobile device without the help of a download app.

If you choose paypal's e-check option, the instant download will take 5-7 days for the e-check to clear and for the instant download link to be sent.  You do NOT need a paypal account to purchase, simply enter a debit or credit card at checkout.  Please download the pattern to your computer for future use.


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Thank you to Umbrella Prints for sending me their Elephants Love Water fabric to play with! Available for purchase at their shop - Umbrella Prints.

happy friday!


Just thought it had been a while since I'd shared YOUR projects on the 'ol blog.  You've been sewing like crazy and coming up with amazing projects, definitely more Open Wide pouches than I can count.  Thanks for sharing your creations in the flickr group.  If you have some pictures you haven't shared, join the noodlehead flickr group and upload away!

ps I'm making last minute corrections to the newest pattern, I was hoping to have it ready today, but looks like it'll be ready for the beginning of next week, sorry to keep you hanging! I just want to make sure everything is just right.  ♥

I'm headed to the summit!


Yep, Sewing Summit that is!  I can hardly believe it.  Oh and get this, I'll be speaking!  I hope I don't pass out right before I'm supposed to start.  Seriously, my heart started pounding just writing this post.
I'm really excited about meeting some of my friends whom I've known for years online, but haven't had the opportunity to meet up with yet!  I think the best part will be with a group of people who are excited about sewing and blogging.  Normally I think I'm the kind of person to just be content blogging/sewing, but I think it'll be fun to step out of my little comfort zone.

Registration opens today for attendees! So many fun classes to take.  I'm hoping to be able to learn a bunch and just hang out.  I've never been to Salt Lake City and it seems like a pretty happening place.

So for the next month or so I'll be burying myself in my class materials and trying to come up with what I think will be really helpful for everyone.  My class is about finishing details, so even if you're not going to attend, I'd love to hear anything you want to learn more about (not that I know everything, ha).

new pattern - sneak peek


Coming next week soon!

A couple little notes just for fun:

>> recessed zipper
>> 2 bag sizes
>> two exterior pocket style options
>> adjustable strap

Happy Weekend!

black + white quilt


I've been secretly plotting and planning this quilt ever since Jeni posted her lovely Flagged Quilt Mini Tutorial.  Big bold blocks, yes please.  Maybe I shouldn't divulge this next little bit, but it took me a bit too long to figure out the yardage using just two solids.  Um, yeah, I'm sure my first grader could have figured that one out. 2 yards of each.  Yeah.  Anyway...

I got stuck on the quilting design and binding parts.  The quilt top and backing were bright and bold in my mind, but everything else I hadn't thought about.  Anyway, I came up with this triple loop quilting within each triangle 'flag'.  I'm sure it's been done before, but it worked really well and didn't take very long.
I know it's kinda hard to see, so I did a little sketch of it in case you're curious.  It's not perfect (mmm, nothing is) but once it was out of the dryer, it was so pretty and I used it right away.  I'd say the difficult part was the large loops, the smaller ones felt more natural.

Fabrics are all Art Gallery, Pure elements in Caviar and Snow for the black + white, and Flower Bed in Blush (from Croquette Collection) for the backing,  Pure Elements in Verve Violet for the binding.

I'm trying to work on a little project for this quilt to reside on, so hopefully I'll be able to show you that in the near future!

skirting the issue


[Hi! re-posting from when I shared this at Project Run & Play]

Thanks to Liz and Elizabeth for having me today!  Totally an honor to be a part of the Skirting the Issue, what a wonderful cause.  I'm Anna, my blog is noodlehead.  If you want to stop over you'll find a bit of this and that, I enjoy sewing for my girls, and trying to find the time to be creative.

I made this skirt using my own Vintage Inspired Skirt tutorial that I had made for adults last year.  I had wanted to make one for my girls, so this was a great chance.  The tutorial is based off of waist measurements, so you can really make it for any size!  For Emily's skirt I reduced the height of the waistband pieces to 4".  

I also used button holes and made a couple ribbons instead of using elastic.  It isn't extremely practical, but the ribbons pull the skirt tight and you make a bow with them.  They're inserted into the waistband casing similar to the elastic, stitched into the waistband side seams and then looped out through the button holes in the back waistband.

Love this Heather Ross double gauze fabric I used, it's so soft and makes a great skirt.  The ribbons were made using 3" strips sewn lengthwise and turned right side out and I added a small bit (about 3") of elastic to each ribbon end to help keep the skirt in place.

Thanks so much for having me, Elizabeth and Liz! And thank you everyone for your help and efforts.

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