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ISLAND blog tour and giveaway! [closed]

I’m super pumped to be included on the ISLAND blog tour today!!  Thanks so much to Jane and Shannon for having me!  I can’t believe that I finally learned how to knit and I can even follow a pattern (so far so good).  I was beyond thrilled to get a copy of the book ISLAND by Jane Richmond and designed by Shannon.

It’s a truly stunning book.  I’ve been drooling over Nikolos Kupiak‘s photography everyday since I got this little gem.  The layout of the book is perfection, I love how the projects are beautifully showcased in the front of the book and the hardworking instructions are at the back.  It’s a book I’ll be proudly leaving on my coffee table to show off.  Yes, it’s that cool!

Beyond that I’m just so impressed with this lovely collection of projects.  There are even projects that a newbie like me can complete and feel really proud about!  Someday I really hope to work my way up to cardigan status, but I’m having such a blast now with the  hat I made so far!

[my renfrew hat in Madelinetosh Vintage in Wicked]

ISLAND is a collection of handknits designed by Jane Richmond and inspired by life on Vancouver Island. This book was a special artistic journey to bring Jane’s patterns to life with photography by Nicholas Kupiak, modeling by Kylee Shaw, and graphic design/layout & conception by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond.


ISLAND is available now through,, and  The e-book is available through the ISLAND Ravelry shop.


  • Just leave a nice comment, maybe tell me what’s next in your knitting queue.
  • One entry per person. Please leave your email address in your comment. You can leave it in a format like this if you wish: anna [at] gmail [dot] com, it’s up to you though, if you have your email listed in your blogger profile, that works too! 
  • One winner will be chosen. Open to international entries. 
  • Giveaway ends Saturday, February 16th.


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230 Responses to ISLAND blog tour and giveaway! [closed]

  1. MeganW 02.12.2013 at 11:06 am #

    wow this looks lovely! my husband mentioned something about a sweater?! but as the hardest thing i’ve ever knit is a hat… that one’s got me a bit worried.

  2. Jessica 02.12.2013 at 11:09 am #

    yay! I’m working on a cowl/shrug in brioche stitch which is giving me a hard time… would love to win this book!

  3. Mirja Marshall 02.12.2013 at 11:12 am #

    What a wonderful book. I am starting a sweater for my niece. Should be interesting, since all I have made so far are scarves!

  4. Lisa Mather 02.12.2013 at 11:19 am #

    Ooh, what a neat looking book! Right now I have a fingerless glove on one set of needles, a sweater on another and a pair of socks on another. Nothing like trying to multi-task!

  5. Nowelja 02.12.2013 at 11:21 am #

    Let’s just START to knit… that would be my ‘next’ knitting project! I’m in for this give-away. nowelja[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. Kaitlin Jenkins 02.12.2013 at 11:25 am #

    First of all you look so cute in that hat! I’d love this book, my sister is planning to teach me to knit in March, and I cannot wait! I think I’d make her and I both a pair of fingerless gloves first, and I’d also love to learn how to knit an ‘animal hat’ for my niece, but that’s far and above my skill level for now 😉

  7. **nicke... 02.12.2013 at 11:27 am #

    its gorgeous anna!

  8. becca @ sew loved 02.12.2013 at 11:29 am #

    i have a cowl i’ve seemingly been knitting forever. i think i’m the slowest knitter out there, but i do love it so!

    sewlovedshop [at] gmail [dot] come

  9. dawn - Mi rincón de mariposas 02.12.2013 at 11:29 am #

    Looks wonderful!
    I’m making a crochet jacket for my girl and I’ll knit a vest for my boy.
    mirincondemariposas (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. Allison 02.12.2013 at 11:32 am #

    this book looks like it is full of fantastic projects to knit! I’d love to win a copy so I can add to my mother’s knitting queue 😉 {she is a master knitter, while I can barely knit & purl} thanks for the giveaway!

  11. photosarah 02.12.2013 at 11:32 am #

    I’ve got a cowl on my circular needles and a brightly colored scarf on straight needles. I have a goal of making a sweater this year, and that cardigan looks awesome! as do the fingerless gloves on the cover.


  12. Monica 02.12.2013 at 11:33 am #

    I’m finishing my first pair of socks and plan to knit “Nova” for my daughter next. That could easily change if I get this book…as I love the “Grace” cardigan. Thanks for the opportunity!


  13. junglemama 02.12.2013 at 11:35 am #

    Beautiful color of the hat, I like the hat and the sweater

  14. Stitched Together 02.12.2013 at 11:37 am #

    I’m planning on whipping up Marin by Ysolda Teague, I’m in the process of a massive jacket with cables so want to do something quick and pretty. stitchedtog(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. no4daughter 02.12.2013 at 11:37 am #

    I have been making hats myself, lately. I love the hat that you made and would love to add that to my queue.


  16. Edny sine puslerier 02.12.2013 at 11:41 am #

    This book looks wonderful! I want to knit a pillow now;)


  17. Jenn AJennuineLife 02.12.2013 at 11:44 am #

    Your hat turned out so cute! I’d make pretty much every project I’ve seen in this book!

  18. Quiltgirlie 02.12.2013 at 11:46 am #

    Looks like a great book. I have just started to knit a loop.

  19. Hannah 02.12.2013 at 11:46 am #

    I actually am looking for some new projects and have had my eye on Island for a while!!! I so hope I win it!!!!

  20. MadameRenard 02.12.2013 at 11:47 am #

    The book looks really lovely!!! Thank you for this giveaway! :)
    I’m going to knit some soft toys, like kitties and hedgehogs. But I’m thinking to a cotton bag for spring, too.
    I think this book will be appreciated by my aunt, a talented knitter, who makes sweaters, scarfs, hats and all sort of things for the whole family (+friends!). So… fingers crossed for me (ehm, my aunt!).
    silvia triv [at] g ma il dot com

  21. Lynn 02.12.2013 at 11:49 am #

    I’m making a scarf next….still haven’t graduated from scarf and cowl making but a book like this would definitely help me make the leap!

  22. jessica 02.12.2013 at 11:52 am #

    I’ve had this book in my queue since it came out. Love seeing all the projects, and there’s so much I want to make! I’m currently working thru Erika Knight’s baby sweater pattern and blanket. We’re having a girl (our first addition to our little family), so lots of fun baby girl knitting for the next few weeks. :) Thanks for showcasing a great book and hosting the giveaway! mfrapp_83 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  23. stephigordon 02.12.2013 at 11:53 am #

    I think this book looks amazing! I first saw it on the Single Handed Knits podcast (video) and ironically it is a pattern from the same podcaster that is next in my queue – a mystery knit-a-long for a sweater! ( : It is a pullover, raglan sweater style, but that is all we know at this point…. Thanks for the chance to win!!! Stephanie (indigodogmt on Ravelry)

  24. lounatine 02.12.2013 at 11:54 am #

    Pretty hat! Thanks for this giveaway!
    I’m knitting a “Folded” from Veera Valimaki, and then certainly a cowl (but I don’t know yet wich one).
    My e-mail :

  25. hollymade 02.12.2013 at 12:01 pm #

    Lovely book! I’m wanting to learn how to knit-this might be just the push I need!

    holly.hacker at

  26. Anna 02.12.2013 at 12:04 pm #

    I have far too much in my queue! Last night I cast on for a Harry Potter style jumper for my 9yo son, on which he commented ‘weren’t you going to make that for me LAST year?’!! Hopefully it won’t take too long as the pattern is simple and he’s much smaller than me! Thanks for the give away!

  27. Kelley 02.12.2013 at 12:07 pm #

    oh my! learning to knit (again) is on my list for my 365makes! would love this book!

  28. Kathy MacKie 02.12.2013 at 12:09 pm #

    I’d love to win, I’m pretty new to knitting but have many hopes for something great!

  29. Deborah Hamilton 02.12.2013 at 12:11 pm #

    What a cute hat, and such a nice giveaway!
    grannie_square at

  30. QuiltyGirl 02.12.2013 at 12:14 pm #

    Oh, I didn’t know she came out with a book! I have a cardi pattern that she wrote, I just haven’t had time to knit it. 😉
    I’m currently working on a herringbone stitch scarf for my husband. Up next is the Daybreak shawl by Stephen West. It’s amazing!

    And now I’m off to amazon to add this book to my wish list!

  31. Monica 02.12.2013 at 12:15 pm #

    I have to hurry up and knit something for my sisters new baby…. But then I would love to try Renfrew. It is a great pattern collection

  32. katiemarie 02.12.2013 at 12:15 pm #

    I don’t know how to knit yet, but I’m dying to learn. That book looks gorgeous! And good job on the hat!

    ktbbc01 at aol dot com

  33. amelia 02.12.2013 at 12:16 pm #

    Oh! I would love to win this — the sweater pattern shown in the second photo is lovely!!

  34. Jeanne W. 02.12.2013 at 12:20 pm #

    Those are just gorgeous! I haven’t learned to knit but I didn’t buy a book so I should really sit down and figure it out!

  35. cherylj 02.12.2013 at 12:20 pm #

    I would love to make one of the hats shown, they all look so cute.

  36. Heidi Staples 02.12.2013 at 12:22 pm #

    What a gorgeous book! I’m just learning to knit myself, but I’d love to make those gloves on the cover!

  37. Grandma G 02.12.2013 at 12:30 pm #

    I’ve never knitted a thing in my life, so I have nothing in my queue, but if I won this book, I guess I’d make something from it! :)

  38. sharon 02.12.2013 at 12:31 pm #

    Wow would love to win the book! I started knitting about 14 months ago and started with scarfs and socks. I finally braved a vest this month and next in line is a sweater with sleeves, I am going to try Ann Hanson’s Sticks and Stones sweater pattern.Have to admit after 25 years of quilting, I love knitting and it has been fun to learn some new tricks! Thanks for the chance to win and sharing your knitting journey with us too!–I always love to see what you are creating!

  39. Naomi 02.12.2013 at 12:32 pm #

    The book looks so amazing! You did a great job on the hat! My next knitting project is a hat with a beard for a friend’s son.

  40. Naomi 02.12.2013 at 12:33 pm #

    The book looks so amazing! You did a great job on the hat! My next knitting project is a hat with a beard for a friend’s son.

  41. Pam 02.12.2013 at 12:38 pm #

    I’m finally ready to block my first cardigan and am so excited. Not sure what is next for me …maybe something from this book!

  42. suebe 02.12.2013 at 12:39 pm #

    I would love to try a hat or a sweater. At the moment, I’m finishing a scarf (6 inches and fringe to go). Then it is on to a car seat blanket and baby elephant for my cousin’s baby.

  43. janine 02.12.2013 at 12:40 pm #

    The book looks very interesting. My next project is Northmavine Hap from Kate Davies’ new book Colours of Shetland. My rav name is janineny2001.

  44. eva lo 02.12.2013 at 12:41 pm #

    I started kintting a month ago, this book is a jewel!
    Thanks for the giveaway
    Elocose at gmail dot com

  45. VAS 02.12.2013 at 12:42 pm #

    I am planning to knit an infinity scarf..:)

  46. Megan 02.12.2013 at 12:47 pm #

    I’ve been knitting for a decade and I follow lots of knit blogs…but this is the first I’ve seen of this lovely book! Thank you.
    I just started Kari Blanket for an expectant friend.
    I’m off to ravelry to look up the ebook…

    fredandmegan93 at gmail dot com

  47. Elsa 02.12.2013 at 12:49 pm #

    At the moment I’m knitting a shawl (which is what I knit most) called Ananke in 2 colors of Madeline Tosh cashmere (I splurged). Think the next is going to be Piper’s Journey, another shawl and I’ll be doing that with Malabrigo DK.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  48. Rae 02.12.2013 at 12:50 pm #

    Knitting a sweater is actually one of my New Years Resolutions this year! I”m still debating over the pattern though, and seeing that one in Island Knitting may delay me further… :) piratesrock[at]gmail[dot]com

  49. LizA. 02.12.2013 at 12:51 pm #

    I’m actually trying my hand at a lace shawl. It’s slow going but I’m learning a lot, most especially, how to “read” my knitting and not have to keep frogging back a row or two or three…..

    The sweater you showed looks divine. Must put that on my “to do” list.

  50. Amy Friend 02.12.2013 at 12:54 pm #

    Great job on the hat! My knitting friend has a birthday in April. This might be a good idea for her!

  51. 3Ms +1N 02.12.2013 at 12:55 pm #

    A cowl, now a hat, nice work! I say go for the cardigan- if you can make that adorable little hat, I’m sure you’ll find the cardigan a breeze :)

    I’ve wanted to try a Jane Richmond pattern for years now- I would LOVE to win her book! Thanks for the chance 😉

  52. 02.12.2013 at 1:02 pm #

    The hat and cowl are beautiful! I am currently working on a pair of socks. Hopefully, you’ll give those a whirl soon. If you’re a bit nervous, I”d suggest for a great tutorial.

    Happy Knitting!

  53. Kim 02.12.2013 at 1:06 pm #

    Love the hat you’ve made! Right now I’m knitting a chevron baby