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kat dress

I had planned for at least a couple months to make a dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding.  Of course I waited until the day before to start cutting pieces and then put off actually sewing the dress until the day of the wedding.  Good thing it was a late afternoon wedding! And yes, it was me who was hemming the dress as my family was walking out the door to go.

I had picked out my favorite print from Julia Rothman’s Miscellany collection for Cloud 9 a long time ago to someday make into a dress or top.  I had also bought the Kat Dress Pattern from Grainline a long time ago just for kicks.  Sensing a theme?  I knew this would probably be one of my only opportunities to make a fancy dress for myself.  Boning? Check! Never tried it before, sounded intimidating, but it was so fun – no sweat!

I did make a couple muslins of the top, I was pretty worried about getting the fit right, but it’s great.  I also knew I’d never feel totally comfortable with a strapless dress, so I added some thin straps as I was sewing, and just ended up tying them behind my neck.

[looks like someone needs to buy some hook + eye closures]

And, in my typical fashion, I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up with a finished dress but with a couple exposed seams on the inside.  I didn’t care though, but if I make the dress again I have to figure out where I went wrong.  The dress was still super comfy to wear.

I also made a tie for my husband.  It was kind of fun, nothing too difficult, lots of hand sewing.  He liked it, wore it, even spilled on it. Good thing it’s cotton.

Pattern:  Kat Dress by Grainline
Size: 8, some bust adjustments, added straps, skipped the colorblocking
Fabric: Candy Trees by Julia Rothman for Cloud 9 Fabrics
Tie: Purl Bee Father’s Day Tie Tutorial

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her briar rose quilt

So I had a sweet pack of charm squares of Heather Ross‘ newest collection Briar Rose for Windham Fabrics.  I was so happy to flip through the tiny stack, the colors are just happy.  I really had wanted to start this quilt weeks ago, but of course other things always pop up!  I let the design ideas float through my brain.  Even considered making some patchwork boxes or a tote with these, but in the end a quilt for my new niece (born in July!) kept coming to mind.

I used almost the entire charm pack and made half square triangles for the middle section.  I played around with different design options and liked the layout with solids together and prints together.  So I sewed them up and decided to add the Essex Yarn Dyed for a little breathing room.

[Natalie modeling the quilt, very huggable.]

And I did spiral quilting!!!  I’ve been wanting to try it since I saw one from A Quilt is Nice, who I guess was inspired by this quilt from Handmade by Alissa, who in turn was inspired from this quilt from Denyse Schmidt.  Isn’t that crazy how design ideas trickle down?!  I really love the effect it gives and I think it unifies the quilt, at least I hope.

Pretty pink and a little bit of piecing for the binding complete it.  And I had gotten some yardage of Briar Rose just a few days ago and featured that on the backing.

Of course I have some plans for using up a few leftover HST’s, hopefully I’ll finish that little project tonight. ♥

Fabrics: charm pack Briar Rose by Heather Ross for Windham, Essex Yarn Dyed  in Flax, various solids (I wish I could tell you which ones I used, but I didn’t have any labeled – I had been in a monthly Solids Club from Pink Chalk Fabrics from a few years ago.), binding is Pure Elements by Art Gallery, quilted with Aurifil’s Simply Color in 28wt, loved it!

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pillow love

Okay, so I have this obsession with hand printed fabrics.  And with Skinny laMinx.  I’ve been waiting and eyeing up her fabrics for way too long.  So she had a sale a little while ago and I snagged some fat quarters to make into pillows.  A splurge maybe, but I am in love! (ps, she also has her second line with Cloud 9 Fabrics coming up soon!)

A couple invisible zips and a little Yarn Dyed Essex and we’re in business.  I lined both the front and back pieces.  The back I ended up lining with just some white flannel I had laying around, I think it’s going to be great!  I can’t stand when feather pillows have feathers poking through, so hopefully this’ll help.  Just serge your lining fabric to your pillow fronts and backs!  (You could also just zig zag or pink your edges, serging just gives that extra durability you’ll need for pillows that get a lot of abuse and many washings).

If you’re looking for a great tutorial for installing invisible zips in pillows be sure to check out Sew Katie Did‘s tutorial.  It’s how I first learned and I don’t even look at instructions anymore.  I actually own an invisible zipper foot but I don’t even use it for pillows, I can get in there and sew it with just my regular foot, so don’t be scared – just try!

Also, the winner of the Zakka Handmades: 24 Projects Sewn from Natural Fabrics to Help Organize, Adorn, and Simplify Your Life book is:

Tracy who said: “Love that fabric bucket! Have been eyeing that book and would like to try some or all the projects if I were so lucky :)”

Thanks everyone who entered!  It sounds like many of you really are excited about the book.

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Fabric Bucket: Zakka Handmades + Book Giveaway

[Thank you to all who entered! This book giveaway is now closed.]

Can’t resist a storage container made out of fabric.  They just go hand in hand.  I’m so happy to be a part of the Zakka Handmades blog tour today.

Zakka Handmades: 24 Projects Sewn from Natural Fabrics to Help Organize, Adorn, and Simplify Your Life is a book of beautiful and useful things to sew written by Amy Morinaka.  Amy is the blogger behind Chick Chick Sewing.  I’ve always admired Amy’s work.

I chose to make the large size Fabric Bucket.  And it’s big!  Like Amy suggests in the book, it would be great to give as a set (there are both medium and large sizes included in the instructions).  I would think a bucket like this would be a welcome gift to anyone.  I’m kind of envisioning a great wedding shower gift here, just fill it up with towels!

She indicates using pre-quilted fabric for the bucket lining, which I would have loved to have used, but didn’t have any on hand.  It would be a really nice and quick method towards making a really durable bucket, love that!  Instead I did mine the little bit longer route and quilted the exterior pieces instead.  I *almost* used them as directed as the lining, but decided it would get more use this way.

[Amy does a great job of giving tips and has many user friendly diagrams!]

Book: Zakka Handmades: 24 Projects Sewn from Natural Fabrics to Help Organize, Adorn, and Simplify Your Life
Linen from
Premier Prints Polka Dot from
Handles: Architextures and cotton twill tape for fun.

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If you’d like a chance to win a copy of Zakka Handmades (trust me, you have much better luck at winning this book than you do winning any lottery, so save your $1 and leave a comment) please leave a comment!

  • Open to US entries only please.
  • Please leave your email address in your comment. You can leave it in a format like this if you wish: anna [at] gmail [dot] com, it’s up to you though, if you have your email listed in your blogger profile, that works too!
  • One winner will be chosen.
  • Giveaway closes Saturday, July 20th

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bunks + quilting

Hope you had a lovely weekend!  I enjoyed every minute.

I put together a set of bunk beds for the girls, from Ikea.  I’ve had my eye on this bunk bed for quite a few years.  We almost got them last year, but I’m glad we waited, I think they are just the right ages.  Bunk beds were really our only option if they wanted to stay in the same room, their little room couldn’t fit two twin beds.  So bunks it was!

I did paint all the pieces (except the mattress support pieces) white before I assembled the bunk bed.  I put a couple coats of primer and finished with paint, so I only needed a quart of paint in the end.  It should hold up nicely!  Even though I’m sure the bunk bed won’t last forever, it’ll last us for quite a while.

I also really happy about helping my 12 year old neighbor finish her very first quilt!  She’s in 4H this year and had entered a ton of great things into our county fair.  

I showed her how to make a simple strip quilt.  She did a really great job and it was fun to show her a bunch of techniques.  Over the course of a few weeks we put the quilt top together, basted the quilt, quilted, made binding and attached binding.  I feel really happy that I could share quilting with her!
And lastly, the winner of the Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids book along with a fun pack from the Martha Stewart Crafts Collection is:
Lisa who said: “Craft ideas? YES, PLEASE!! My seven-year-old will spend the entire summer reading, my five-year-old is a craft aficionado!”

Congrats Lisa!!

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