wiener dog pajama shirts


Confession time, I haven't sewn any clothes for either of my girls since August.  As I was packing up summer clothes in the fall, I was folding up lots of things I had made them.  Things I thought they'd love and use, but most got worn once or twice and then promptly forgotten about.  It made me kind of sad in a way. Although Emily might be able to wear some of the things Natalie hardly ever wore, I still felt like I was heading the wrong direction.  So I stopped.  We had plenty of clothes for the winter, so I didn't feel compelled to make anything.

My kids go for the obvious, comfort.  Who can blame them?  I'm the same way.  When I get home from work, I quickly change into my comfy clothes. The other day I was digging through my fabric, trying to make sure to use things I already have instead of buying something new.  I pulled out the infamous wiener dog interlock knit I had gotten at my local Hancock Fabrics maybe a year or more ago?  I had gotten it to make some pajamas, so I got busy.

I pulled out Rae's Flashback skinny tee and did some quick little mods to make a bigger size for Natalie (she's about a 6-7 in girls now).  Although Rae does have the big kid version available now, I only had up to 5T.  I also made it a little more a-line so it wasn't quite as snug around the tummy and loosened it up in the sleeves.  Pajama shirts!  I had intended to make some pants too, but I ended up having only enough fabric for two shirts and another little project I'll have to wait and show you next time.

I used my twin needle again, not breaking it this time thankfully!  Some of the threads did snap already though on Emily's sleeves when she wore it, so I'm not sure how to avoid that in the future, if you have any tips I'd love to hear about them!

Here's to more knits in the future, more comfy and more having fun!  ps, I've gotten on this crazy sewing with knits kick again, it goes in streaks, but I seriously have a lot of fun with it once I get started!

bathroom divided basket + washcloths


This was one of those projects I had set aside time after time.  I always wanted to make a divided basket for our bathroom closet, to stash a little pile of washcloths in and a few other bath items.  I even knew I had to use my hoarded Ann Kelle fabric.  I'm proud of finally using it.  I think it's always that first cut that hurts the most.

I had saved my terry cloth scraps from when I made the Beach Robes for the girls two summers ago.

So I cut out a couple different sized washcloths, just 7" and 9" squares with rounded corners, slap on some bias tape and you're done.  It was fun to see them get used in the tub after being put off for so long.

I also think this would be a fun little gift for a toddler or any child, throw in some bath crayons and bath toys and a new towel of their very own, you're golden.

1. hooded towel  + 2. bath toys + 3. bath crayons

Divided Basket Pattern
Ann Kelle fabric available at Fat Quarter Shop
Ann Kelle fabric available at Hawthorne Threads
lining is Essex Linen available at Pink Castle Fabrics
terry cloth from re-purposed bath towels

tiny chalkboards


I'm sure you've seen these type of mini chalkboards floating around pinterest.  I was at Michael's the other day and remembered to pick up some 3"x4" wooden rectangles to make into mini chalkboards.  It was a fun and quick little project.

I used Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint and a Recollections opaque marker to do a few quick permanent doodles on the board, it would be fun to use some awesome metallic or white sharpies too!

Each of these mini chalkboards got tucked in packages for friends, I hope they like them!  

Have a great weekend!

Sophia Kids Cowl


Surely you must know by now that I'm crazy.  I've been keeping some project or another on the knitting needles since I learned how at the beginning of the year.  I'm trying to make sure I don't forget, so I figured I might as well keep practicing!

I love sitting in bed and knitting, warm and cozy.  This time of year is the hardest for me to want to stay up late and get crafty.  So knitting has been this fun little adventure for me.  I can't wait to make some leg warmers!

I'm trying not to build up a stash of yarns like I've done with fabric, ooops.  So I had ordered some Amy Butler Aran Yarn intending to make a cowl for Natalie.  She loves purple and this turned out to be the perfect project!  I was hestitant to start it, but once I got going it was really quick.  It's the Sophia Cowl (a free tutorial) by Green Bee Patterns.  I had been oogling it ever since they shared it.

She loves it, wore it the WHOLE day after I finished it, and I'm glad to have one more knitting project under my belt!

ISLAND winner


And the 

of the ISLAND book is:

Cassie who said "Pretty hat! I am working on a honey cowl, so that I can then make a hat, so that I can make a baby blanket :) I don't have enough time to knit all that, but that's alright. This looks like it would have some lovely things to add to my never ending list!"

Thanks everyone for entering and a huge thanks to Jane and Shannon!  

If you want to purchase your own copy of ISLAND:
Available now through, and  The e-book is available through the ISLAND Ravelry shop.

paper piecing extravaganza: ringo pie catchup


Well, I had fallen dangerously behind in Ringo Pie this round.  I had kept up pretty well on the first round, but time just flies by this round.  Here's my next 3 blocks that I owed Ayumi, Amber, Melinda, and Leila.  I was super happy to finish them up and hope to be fully caught up with Tamiko and then Charise's blocks this weekend!

So first up was a Market theme for Ayumi.  I desperately wanted to make her something super cool, afterall, she's the queen of paper piecing (as well as everyone else in the group!).  So I had sketched out so many ideas and never felt like any of them fit quite right.  I ended up picking a lovely little Strawberry Sew-Ichigo block designed by Kerry and Penny.  I knew that Ayumi would like it because we're all in Ringo Pie together.  I might sneak in a little surprise too, maybe some other kind of fun little block.  Ayumi has been a really good friend to me and always so encouraging. This block uses some lovely Umbrella Prints and Lizzy House Outfoxed.

Amber's theme was anything sewing related.  Phew, I had to think of this one way too long.  Eventually I found Amy (During Quiet Time)'s Sewing Machine Pattern and hopped to it.  This was such a fun block to make and pretty quick too.  I pulled out some precious gifted fabrics ad got to piecing.

And Leila was the most recent one I finished up.  She requested a 6" block with something you consider a favorite!  I made her a Latte-to-go block (another lovely Sew-Ichigo design).

I love mochas and it's the one treat that I can look forward to when I need a little pick me up.  I included some of my favorite Heather Ross Mendocino mermaids, Jay McCarroll Habitat, and Lizzy House.  They all look so pretty together.

Lastly was a guitar block for Melinda.  I'm so happy to make a block for her!  I've gotten to meet up with Melinda a couple times to hang out before she moved recently.

She's such a sweet person and a master paper piecer as well!  I used Christina (The Sometimes Crafter)'s Ukulele Pattern.  Another fun one, I enjoyed throwing in some of my Dear Stella scraps in there and well as a super tiny piece of liberty of london just to mix it up!

Phew, hope you're still with me, that's it! Hope to share my other finishes next week!  Have a great weekend, the sun is shining today! ♥

ps, if you're new to paper piecing, there's a great video tutorial from Connecting Threads here.

ISLAND blog tour and giveaway! [closed]


I'm super pumped to be included on the ISLAND blog tour today!!  Thanks so much to Jane and Shannon for having me!  I can't believe that I finally learned how to knit and I can even follow a pattern (so far so good).  I was beyond thrilled to get a copy of the book ISLAND by Jane Richmond and designed by Shannon.

It's a truly stunning book.  I've been drooling over Nikolos Kupiak's photography everyday since I got this little gem.  The layout of the book is perfection, I love how the projects are beautifully showcased in the front of the book and the hardworking instructions are at the back.  It's a book I'll be proudly leaving on my coffee table to show off.  Yes, it's that cool!

Beyond that I'm just so impressed with this lovely collection of projects.  There are even projects that a newbie like me can complete and feel really proud about!  Someday I really hope to work my way up to cardigan status, but I'm having such a blast now with the  hat I made so far!

[my renfrew hat in Madelinetosh Vintage in Wicked]

ISLAND is a collection of handknits designed by Jane Richmond and inspired by life on Vancouver Island. This book was a special artistic journey to bring Jane's patterns to life with photography by Nicholas Kupiak, modeling by Kylee Shaw, and graphic design/layout & conception by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond.


ISLAND is available now through,, and  The e-book is available through the ISLAND Ravelry shop.


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  • One entry per person. Please leave your email address in your comment. You can leave it in a format like this if you wish: anna [at] gmail [dot] com, it's up to you though, if you have your email listed in your blogger profile, that works too! 
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  • Giveaway ends Saturday, February 16th.


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Starry and Wild Valentines


I was *this* close to just going and buying some Valentines.  But my girls and I talked about making Valentines and we came up with some really fun ideas together!

Emily is in four year old Kindergarten and they've been studying about hibernation, so we decided these fun little animals in a wild theme would be fun.  I know my kids love these figurines (from Michaels).  [background fabric is Field Study by Anna Maria Horner]

I printed the cards, punched holes in the one side, wrapped embroidery floss around the animals and then looped it through the back of the card and taped it.  Done!  Easy for the kids to bust open and get to playing.

For Natalie's 1st grade class I wanted to make something that both the boys and the girls would like.  Natalie has been obsessed with getting some glow in the dark stars, so that was our starting point.  I did a quick starry valentine and printed them out.  Then we taped two sparkly crayons (from Target) with washi tape on each card.  [background fabric is Constellations by Lizzy House]

Each Valentine also got two glow in the dark stars (found them at Michaels) and then we slipped the Valentine into a clear wrapper.  I printed these on white paper just in case the kids wanted to get right to work and do some coloring with the crayons.

I'm excited to send them off to school!

And just for fun, if you want to make some of your own you can download the printables here:
Starry Valentines
Wild Valentines

Have a fun Valentine's Day!!

divided basket pattern testers and your baskets!


I'm always so thankful for my pattern testers, they always provide such great insight into a pattern.  So for the Divided Basket Pattern I was super excited to have a few friends help me out!

Here's Lindsay's version (LR Stitched), she did an amazing job with her fabric selection! And if you check out her post on the project, she lists a ton of great ideas for ways you can use the basket.

I was excited to have Gail [Probably Actually] help out again, her newest little guy sure is a cutie!  Plus I am always drooling over her beautiful fabric choices. She made not one, but two pretty baskets!  And she loaded them with tons of great goodies.

And I had to ask Darcy from Modern Cozy to help!  I got to meet Darcy at Sewing Summit last fall.  She's such a nice person and has a love for homemade donuts like I do.  What more can I say?  You had me at donut.  You can read more about her baskets she made here.

I also had my friends June and Darcy review the pattern, they always give me great feedback, even if they haven't had time to sew up the basket yet!  Now that's a skill in itself!  Thank you!

I am so thrilled by the response from this pattern and it's so wonderful to see divided baskets already in the flickr group!  Here's a little round up of what you've been up to so far:

1. Divided Basket - Noodlehead Pattern, 2. IMG_9092, 3. Soooo many ideas for this thing :) Pattern by Noodlehead, 4. Divided Basket-Diaper Caddy, 5. From Noodle head patterns, 6. Basket, 7. Noodlehead divided basket, 8. Divided bag with ruby star sparkle, 9. Divided Basket
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