sucker for knits


I got sucked in my Kristin's (Skirt As Top) Scoop Top tutorial that she posted the other day.  So I went downstairs and dug through my bin of knits and fished out this lovely stuff.

Kristin did an amazing job with the pattern (a women's small/medium) and the directions.  I was really pleased after I tried it on!  Don't think that I didn't have my struggles though.  ha, no sewing project of mine would be complete without at least some.  I for sure thought at one point that it was going to look like one of my kids tried to make me a t-shirt.  Luckily I think I escaped that notion.

I hemmed the sleeves backwards, but ended up coming up with a kind of cool finish anyway.  I also used the stay tape at the hem at the bottom, but ended up cutting it off and just trying again without it.  For whatever reason it didn't want to work for me without looking like a hoola hoop was stuck in the hem.

I'm excited mostly because I put it on after finishing and didn't take it off for the whole day.  That's a first for me.  Gotta love a comfy knit.

Super Tote + Melody Miller + Carolyn Friedlander



I'm excited to show you this version of my upcoming pattern.  I'm calling it the Super Tote, well, because, ha, I think it's super. Plus the fact that it's super sized.  Cheesy I know!  Sorry, you'll just have to put up with me.

This was the second version of the tote.  It'll be mine, oh yes it will be mine.  I didn't add the interior pockets on this one, I was busy checking sizes and proportions, but I think this bag will see it's way to the pool and for schlepping around to and from work.  It seems like I always have a ton of things to carry to and from work.

I'm thinking the pattern will be ready for sale next week!  Just awaiting feedback from some testers.  I'm also hoping to get some kids clothes sewn this week too, crossing my fingers!!!

+ Exterior +
Gusset - Linen from
Melody Miller for Kokka

+ Lining +
Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufmann

+ Straps +
Reunion by Sweetwater for Moda

Collage Layer Cake Winner!


First I want to say how humbled and super excited I am for all your supportive comments about my upcoming new pattern.  It's really really exciting to hear that you can't wait to make one!  I love that part of sewing.  So please hold tight and it won't be long until the pattern is ready, I promise.

I'm also glad you love seeing projects sewn using Collage!  It's such a great collection!

[I was floored to see these in my mailbox the other day from Windham, a charm pack of Heather Ross' Briar Rose and a layer cake of Collage for me!]

So without more rambling, the winner of the layer cake is:

Carolyn of Fake it While you Make It!

I've sent you an email Carolyn!

Have a great week you guys.

Collage! by Such Designs for Windham Fabrics [Collage Layer Cake Giveaway Closed] + my new pattern


[Thanks for your awesome comments about my new upcoming pattern, also the giveaway portion of this post is now closed!]

I'm so happy to be on the Collage blog tour today!  Thanks so much to Carrie of Such Designs and Windham.  I'm so happy to be able to sew with this gorgeous prints.  They're just beautiful together and apart.  Carrie had the most wonderful sense of style and her fabric really shows it.  I especially love that within the text prints are words of encouragement. Who doesn't need a little encouragement now and then?!  It makes it more meaningful and special to me.

When I heard about Collage, I had just finished putting some final details on my newest pattern.  [I'm sending it out to my pattern testers shortly and hope to have the pattern for sale by the end of April.]  I was super honored to be able to use Collage for this huge tote!  The new pattern has lots of opportunities to combine different fabrics and I can't stop myself from coming up with all sorts of different combinations.

Ok, so here's a little scoop on the new pattern and then we'll get to giving away an awesome layer cake (10" squares) of Collage, yep! Just for you!

It's a huge tote bag, perfect for dragging all your stuff everywhere, I'm thinking the beach, the pool, the library, the park.  It's perfect.
  • a recessed zipper option (and trust me, it's very easy to install).
  • roomy interior pockets
  • front pocket with a dash of piping
  • cute gusset with side pleats

More pattern details and stuff to come soonish!

On to the giveaway...

To Enter to win the Collage Layer Cake:
  • Just leave a comment. One entry per person. 
  • Please leave your email address in your comment. You can leave it in a format like this if you wish: anna [at] gmail [dot] com, it's up to you though, if you have your email listed in your blogger profile, that works too! 
  • One winner will be chosen. Open to international entries. 
  • Giveaway ends Saturday, April 20th.

Collage should be available at your local independent quilt shops and favorite online retailers in July so be sure to ask if they'll be stocking this lovely line!  Oh and be sure to visit Carrie's blog to see all the other project made with Collage!  Thank you Carrie!

new bike buckets!



I'm so excited about finishing these two bike buckets for my girls!

I had purchased the fabric from Flower Press on etsy.  The shop is run by a lovely and talented designer Susie Stubbs.  She is such a sweet lady!  I really wanted to save these fabrics for something special, and these buckets are it!

Our old bike bucket was looking pretty sad, too many times left out in the rain and sun (after all, it's almost 3 years old now!).  I'm sure using oilcloth or laminated cotton would make it last longer, but I usually don't have those fabrics on hand.  So anyway, Natalie was complaining that she didn't have one, so I had them each pick out the fabrics they liked.  Threw in a few solids, and we were all set.

I just love these cheery colors, it really makes it feel like it's really, eventually, possibly, inevitably going to be spring here sometime soon.  I hope!!!  I also think these would make a great kids gift.  Maybe you're even giving them a bike, a bike bucket would be icing on the cake.  Plus all their friends would be so jealous, haha.  Be prepared to make the whole neighborhood some!

I'll see you tomorrow with some Collage!  wohoo!

in the works


While we're waiting for spring to come to Wisconsin, I've been pretty busy working on a few things.  Although I should admit that I took a break this week and watched The Walking Dead on Netflix.  That show is creepy, but I couldn't stop watching, it was like a train wreck.

I've got a few plans to make some spring clothes.  Some for me, some for the girls.

Maybe even a few things for Kids Clothes Week.  I am totally in love with this book I purchased from Miss Matatabi last week.  I spotted her using it when Cherie from You & Mei hosted her awesome Japanese Sewing Book series.  I even sat down with the girls and tried to pick out things that they might actually want me to make them.  Natalie picked out a headband, go figure.

I've also got a pattern coming up maybe by the end of the month.  I'll show a preview next week when I'll be joining in on blog hop for the Collage collection by Carrie of Such Designs for Windham.

And this little pile is just waiting to be turned into a quilt.  I've almost started it several times.

Oh, and do any of you do Project Life?  I've been seriously considering starting up now that I finally printed off Emily's first year of baby pictures.  I got these cute journaling cards from Dearest Someday, they're beautiful!

spring spruce up


I was dawdling the other day after working on some projects for too long.  Just needed a little cleaning time and I finally sat down to make the Skinny Pincushion from the Green Bee blog.  I pulled out a few cute tiny liberty scraps leftover from the Liberty Scrap Challenge project before Christmas and it really only took a half hour and I had a new pincushion!

This is such a cute useful pincushion.  Make some for your friends, or use this to help teach your kids to sew!  It's small, but you can learn a lot of things just by making this project.  I'm going to have to sit down with my girls and make some more.

I also officially moved in my patented Crazy Mom Quilts thread catcher  that she made me and put it to use!  Thanks Amanda Jean.  Gosh, I'm so lucky.  I love this little thread catcher.  If you don't have one, make one now!  You'll love not seeing that trail of threads around your house anymore.  Update: Amanda Jean just released her pattern for her thread catchers, buy one here!  [Amanda Jean doesn't have a tutorial for these, but a similar type bucket pattern would be the Nesting Fabric Bowls by Nova of A Cuppa and a Catchup.]

And thanks Melinda for the Lizard Litter!  I filled the pincushion mostly with the Lizard Litter (it's just crushed walnut shells which I guess help keep your pins sharp) and just a small amount of poly fill before stitching it up.

I love just a little bit of change like that.  Spring is on it's way here!  Oh and visit Organic Stitch Co. if you want to get your hands on some Liberty scraps!!!

Get ready for Zakka 2.0 - Patchwork Please


I'm so excited to be a part of Zakka 2.0 for Ayumi's book Patchwork Please!  I have been waiting a few years to be able to look through her book and enjoy it.

So stayed tuned to Lindsey's and Debbie's blogs, they'll have the full scoop when it's available!  It starts Monday, June 3rd! For now you can look through what's lined up so far.

For now I'll enjoy paging through the book.  I feel so spoiled.

I also got a lovely stack of Cloud 9's Steffie Brocoli's new line In the Forest!  I love these prints!  There's a lot of good ones to just keep in your stash, they'll go with everything!

Order your copy of Patchwork Please here!  And come sew along!

Oh, and you can order In the Forest at:
Hawthorne Threads
Fat Quarter Shop

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