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Favorite Baby Quilt


Yep, I think this may just be one of my most favorite baby quilts I’ve made. And I love making quilts for babies, especially ones that get used and loved. It started with a Ten-Square of Shimmer 2 Coordinates from Jennifer Sampou. Oh these colors! So divine. Usually I find it difficult to work with pre-cuts, mostly because I love mixing and matching to my hearts content. I also love to have total freedom when it comes to sizes, etc. It’s good though to have some constraints this time and it felt really great to dive into this stack.




Jennifer did an amazing job with this palette. I didn’t add a single thing. I came up with this block design concept, then sewed and pieced until everything was used up! I didn’t want to over think it. I find that for me I can spend hours and hours with fabrics and designs, but its way more fun to dive in and not be sure how it’ll all come together. Lucky for me this ended up being so fun.


I used Quilter’s Dream wool batting and I love the loft and hand once it has been quilted. My kids even walked by while I was quilting it and admired how soft and cozy it was. I’m also a big believer in soft quilt backings. I think a soft backing can make all the difference! I had stashed a couple yards of this beautiful soft gray double gauze with polka dots. And it’s such a dream and the color couldn’t have been better.


I spray basted as well as adding some pinning. I didn’t have any trouble with shifting at all although I did end up blocking the quilt. I used a concentric square design that radiates from the center of the quilt. I think it’s easy for the quilt to get wobbly after quilting, so I soaked it in Soak Wash and laid it flat to dry. Worked great! I also used this same concentric square quilting for the Picnic Plaid quilt in my book.



This quilt is winging its way over to a dear friend and her new baby boy.


Pattern: none
Fabric: Shimmer 2 Coordinate 10-Square by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman Fabrics,
backing is Kokochi Double Gauze in Gray Dots

Shimmer2 Baby Quilt by Anna Graham

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Double Zip Wallets // Handmade Style


Here are two wallets I made using the Double Zip Wallet pattern from my book. I think this is such a fun and satisfying project. I love useful things and of course a wallet gets a lot of use! And what a perfect way to use my favorite fabrics. I think I could easily find myself making a bunch for friends for Christmas or just for fun actually. Sorry to sound all gushy. I guess lately I’ve been really grateful to have small projects to work on that are easy to finish. Summer is awesome, but stealing time away to sew doesn’t sound like so much fun when the pool and bicycles and ice cream shop are calling! Know what I mean?



I had picked out a few of my favorite Leah Duncan prints to use for these and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I love these fabrics so much!! I think they lend themselves so well to accessories (and everything else – who am I kidding?!). I love that there are two zippered compartments for coins and other important documents (including my iPhone 6), the interior pockets have places for cards and even a check book.




Hope you’re enjoying summer! School is just around the corner for my girls and we’re excited about things starting, I may have even convinced them to join swim team this fall, yayyyyy!

Pattern: Double Zip Wallet from Handmade Style
Fabrics: Gramercy by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics
Zippers: zipit on etsy

Double Zip Wallet project from Handmade Style by Anna Graham

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Handcrafted Anywhere Skirt



A skirt is just the perfect end of summer project, for the really hot and humid days we get here. I don’t often wear skirts or dresses, but when it’s hot (or when I can add lots of layers in the winter) I do love them. I couldn’t wait to try Dana‘s newest pattern, The Anywhere Skirt.



I had been hoarding this print by Alison Glass from her Handcrafted collection. I decided I’d better make something with it (and have enough leftover for more projects!) before Handcrafted 2 came out. It ended up being the perfect match for this pattern. I auditioned 3-4 other fabrics, but this one just felt right. I think the print totally can make the outfit, so pairing it with a simple tank or sweater is easy and effortless.


Towards the end of the project I was still a little wary. I had left the skirt long enough so I could determine the length that would work best. Worried that it had gone a little too much Little House on the Prairie with it, I *may* have crumpled it up and thrown in on the ground. Stepping away seemed like it was the best bet. I came back to it a bit later and was able to find the length I like, and finish!skirt6

Dana’s pattern is really beginner friendly and walks you right through to the end. I love Dana‘s little funny and friendly tips and how encouraging she is throughout the pattern. This is a great skirt for beginners, plus you can adapt it for any size. The skirt is made to fit using your chosen measurements! I know my girls want one each already.

helpersThe Anywhere Skirt, fabric by Alison Glass

Pattern: The Anywhere Skirt by MADE
Fabric: Handcrafted by Alison Glass for Andover


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