Purple Super Tote


I had a great time teaching the Super Tote pattern at my local quilt shop the other day. Plus it's a great opportunity to use the step-outs to actually turn into a usable bag! Bonus points.

I had gotten this pretty canvas weight fabric from Miss Matatabi along with a few other prints. I've always loved how white ink looks on linen, so it was a no-brainer choice for me.

I didn't do anything too crazy with this one. Again, I used the 'wrong' side of my favorite denim for the gusset and handle pieces. I love how it'll be super durable and will wear well. I'm always interested in playing around with different interfacing and fabric combinations. To me it's just fun to experiment and try new combinations. And of course another reason to make another bag. Luckily I think I've found a home for this one. I hope my friend likes it. eeek!

See you soon!

Pattern: Super Tote Pattern (by me!)
Fabric: Japanese Fabric Linen Blend from Miss Matatabi, lining is Catnap by Lizzy House with a splash of Jeni's Deamin Vintage

stitched pillow and happy friday!


I've been secretly flashing this pillow on instagram for a long time. I was kind of hoping it would encourage me to finish it finally, and I think it did the trick!

This pillow was started when I taught at Camp Stitchalot last December. I figured I could use a little hand work project to work on off and on. In this case it was mostly 'off', but I'm glad to say it's done! I love the look of a long accent pillow on a bed and when I spotted this wool blend I knew it would make a most happy pillow. Of course I think of it as being maybe a seasonal thing, like a fall/winter pillow.  But finishing it in July seems pretty great, so it's on the bed now!

I just did a simple 'plus' shaped stitch and experimented a few ways before settling on the fastest method. I ended up marking vertical guide lines on the pillow using my tailor's chalk about 4-5 rows at a time. First did the vertical part of the stitch and then went back and completed the pluses after all the vertical rows were done. Of course you'd probably think that I might be so clever and already know that this would work the fastest, but no, I didn't. So experimenting it was!

Anyway, I'm glad it's finished. Imperfect and finished. Can't get much better than that!

Lastly! Crafterhours is kickin' it crazy today and invited me over to be part of their Friday Fiver deal! If you haven't heard of it yet, they put together a great deal every Friday. Yep! So if you want to snag a copy of my Divided Basket Pattern for fiver (or $5.00) jump on over to their blog to get the discount code. Psst! The code is only good for 24 hours, that's part of the deal! Hurrah!

Happy Friday!

jungle ave knit plantain dress


Heya! I'm so so pumped about this dress. I will be guaranteed to be spotted around town wearing it. Even though now the 3/4 length sleeves are a bit warm, come fall it'll be awesome. Even in the winter over some leggings it'll be perfect, throw on a cardi and I'll be cozy. I dream about fall when the weather gets hot and humid here in Wisconsin. Sorry, but I like wearing clothes!

This is Sara Lawson's new fabric Jungle Ave in the loveliest knit ever. It's super soft and washed up really great. Art Gallery did it up right! I can't wait for all the other collections to release their knit and voiles. So dreamy for clothes.

I've made a regular Plantain a few weeks ago. Plus, ever since the pattern came out I've had Paunnet's post about altering it into a dress on the brain. I don't wear dresses too often, but a cozy knit one, yes.

Hope you're having the best summer ever wherever you are! We've been jumping from one park & rec program to the next, and it's been great! Plus I've been running! My husband and I took up running earlier this spring and whew, a workout! Our last run was 4.6 miles, farthest I've ever run. Plus it keeps my mind from going a little crazy.

Pattern: Plantain Tee (using dress instructions)
Fabric: Jungle Ave by Sara Lawson for Art Gallery

Poolside Tote Testers and your Poolsides


Of course no pattern would be complete without pattern testers. I am so grateful for the feedback they give me. And I'm also grateful they share their time and talents with me. Here are some beautiful totes made using the Poolside Tote pattern.

I'm so happy to have Darcy (Modern Cozy) join testing this time. We got to meet up at Sewing Summit a few years ago and she is just the most sincere and sweet person. I hope we get to meet again! Darcy sewed up this gorgeous version with a beautiful patchwork pocket. You'll have to stop over to see her full notes! She used Soft & Stable as recommended for a tote that you'd like to stand up on it's own.

[Darcy's extra awesome because she showed this great size comparison between the Poolside and Super Tote patterns.]

My friend Kristie (Obsessive Crafting Disorder) also joined along! We've been hanging out online for years and I'm always happy to see what she's sewing or knitting! (see that amazing sweater? yep, totally jealous) Kristie put her creative twist on her finished Poolside by making the front zippered pocket with hexies!! How awesome are they? Perfect for that stray quilt block you've had laying in your work in progress pile. And don't get me started on that pink zipper! Love! She also added the slip pocket on the backside of the tote as well.

June also helped test, she's always incredibly thorough and I appreciate her diligence so much. And her Poolside featuring Rashida's Koi Canvas, yummmm!

Nicke and Darci also helped in testing, they were awesome. Hoping I can see their versions soon! I also tested with the ladies at Olive Juice Quilts! They made amazing totes, again, I need pictures!

And of course I want to show off your Poolside Totes! The Bag of the Month club members had sew up quite a few and of course I've seen a bunch of new ones pop up, too! Can't wait to see more! If you've made a Poolside Tote please add it to the flickr group or tag your tote #poolsidetote on Instagram.

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