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handmade style – the book

Handmade Style

40 yards of interfacing

20 zippers

24 pockets

oodles of hardware

bits of leather

spools of thread

lots of batting

23 projects

one billion hours in the making…

Okay, so I might be exaggerating the hours in the making, but it’s time! I wrote a book. I’ve been dreaming of the day I could write this post. For a good long while. It’s such a strange feeling to be able to really say it. This announcement also kind of feels a bit like ripping off a band-aid. I can’t keep it a secret forever! I’m thrilled, but also scared at the same time. I feel like I’m exposing the deepest most personal part of myself, my creativity, for the whole world to see. I hope you love it and want to make all the projects, I’ll be talking more about it all soon. It’s schedule to be released in February 2015, published by Lucky Spool! I’m super pumped to be among a group of amazing and talented sewists! You can read a few more details about the book on the Lucky Spool book page here.

Meanwhile, you can pop over and pre-order it on Amazon! How crazy is that?!

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around here


Hope you found your way here today, over the weekend the blog was transferred to its new place here on WordPress. I’m still unpacking and dusting, but overall I’m super happy with the new site and all it’s fun new toys! There are still a few things to be finished, but it’s been great to finally commit to the switch! It was a scary transition for me, after 5 years on blogger, man, it sure makes you realize how you get used to your surroundings. But, there are lots more exciting things coming up, so I’m glad I took the plunge now.


I’m still sewing! I promise. I’ve had these rail fence blocks all ready to go since the beginning of June and I’m determined to get them made into a quilt.

I’ve been busy collecting all the denim.denim

And even scored some cool stuff at an estate sale or two! estatesale hang

Hope you’re having a great summer! We still have a few weeks before school starts, so we’re trying to pack in the fun.

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Gingham Poolside Tote


Can’t help it! I am in love with this bag. I’ve been waiting to use the large gingham for so long! I’m excited to take this bag to the pool finally. Always have to wait until I get pictures before it goes anywhere – just in case!



This version uses the gingham on the outside, a layer of batting, and layer of cotton canvas all quilted together. In the pattern I give several different options on interfacing depending on how you like you finished bag. I am really really pleased how it turned out. It stands up on it’s own! This is a great option for those of you who want a sturdy bag that stands up when empty and still uses interfacing with natural fiber content.


The inside is some hoarded Suzuko Koseki that I nabbed at Jones & Vandermeer a while back. I kind of have a thing for that shop and want to keep it all to myself. It’s a great shop with tons of Liberty to choose from, too!

Have you made a Poolside Tote yet? I can’t wait to pop in and check out the flickr group! If you have pics you want to share add them there or use #poolsidetote on Instagram.

Pattern: Poolside Tote (by me)

Fabric: Gingham by Robert Kaufman


We’ve been park pros this summer! Note tounge held out in concentration.


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Black + White 241 Tote

I’m feeling pretty smug about his 241 Tote. I succumbed to Leslie‘s japanese fabric destash a month or so ago and snagged this large scale black and white print. Of course I thought that it would sit waiting for the perfect project for a while, but it didn’t! I pulled it out for making steps outs for my class at the Sewcial Lounge in Madison, WI a couple weeks ago. I ended up picking coordinates pretty quickly and away I cut!


I had a great time teaching this tote and the women in the class all did so amazing! I always love seeing all the different fabric choices that everyone picks out. That’s the most fun part, right?!

I might even just keep this one for myself, maybe.  It’s just the perfect summer size!

Pattern: 241 Tote (by me)

Fabrics: Mystery scrap, Robert Kaufman Essex yarn dye, Botantics by Carolyn Friedlander (lining)


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City Gym Shorts

Surely you know I am low on stock in the shorts department of my wardrobe.  My double gauze Essential Shorts haven’t gotten worn a ton yet, but there’s still plenty of summer left! But my kids go through shorts like crazy too! I always am having a hard time finding shorts that fit my youngest, Emily. She’s got a tiny waist and it’s just awesome that I can make a pair of shorts that she can feel really comfortable in. Plus you gotta have a cute pair to help show off all your summer time battle wounds. So here we are scrapes, bruises, and all.


This post is part of the Shorts on a Line series. Just another fun reason to whip up something new! Last year I made Emily a pair of french terry shorts and she loves them and has worn them a ton. We even had to go in this summer and make the elastic just a smidge bigger, she grew! Lucky that’s so easy to do when you make clothes yourself.

I couldn’t resist trying Purl Bee’s new City Gym Shorts pattern. I hope to make some for myself, too! For now my girls each got to pick out fabrics they loved and can sport them around! I’ve had the Riley Blake raindrops fabric FOREVER! I love using it finally. I also busted into the precious Les Amis foxes.

They fit and they love them, double win. The only thing I changed was to add some topstitching along the crotch and front/back rises. I know how my kids beat things up, so hopefully this will give the shorts a little more durability. I also added some edgestitching along the top edge of the waistband casing, to help the elastic from rolling over on itself.

(Oh, and just a little tip. If you plan on making a bunch, I find it comes in handy to write down the other measurements for the waistband and bias tape, etc. right on the pattern. That way, I don’t have to look it back up when I go to make more.)

Anyway, I’m super glad to have sewn these up, and happier to say they won’t be the last!!!

Pattern: City Gym Shorts (free tutorial/pattern from Purl Bee)
Fabrics: Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets, Robert Kaufman Chambray, Robert Kaufman Carolina 1/8” Gingham, Riley Blake Raindrops, Les Amis foxes by Patty Sloniger.
Sizes: 4/5 and 8/9

I always appreciate it when you take time out of your busy schedules to stop by! Thank you!

This post is part of the Shorts on the Line sewalong.  Shorts on the Line 2014 is sponsored by: Britex FabricsHawthorne Threadsmiss matatabi, and Soak Wash.  Hosted by imagine gnatssmall + friendly, and Kollabora.

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