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Gramercy Envelope Clutch and Fabric Giveaway!

[This giveaway is now closed, thank you to all who entered!]



Happy Friday everyone! I couldn’t be more excited about this fabric today! It’s the newest collection by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics called Gramercy. Leah is one of my many favorite designers, ever since her first collection Maya, I’ve been diligently following along. I secretly hoard the prints and may just happen to have extra cuts I stash away just so I can use some right away and still have some more for just that perfect project.  You do that too, right?!


I used my Envelope Clutch pattern in the large size (there are two sizes, yay!). I’ve been working on re-vamping the Envelope Clutch pattern to be in tip-top shape and will be re-releasing the pattern soon (and with a fun little discount to kick things off). So please hang in there, it should be all set in about a week and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.


I forgot how much I love this clutch and when it’s finished it just feels so awesome and professional. One of my very favorite things is handmade piping, and I love the finished look! I’ve got my tutorial here that makes it a little easier! Handmade piping is one of those things that might be a pain when you’re making it, but in the end it’s so worth the extra time and effort!

Did I mention this size fits and ipad mini (and probably a lot of other smaller tablets!)? When I made the pattern the minis weren’t out yet so I think it’s a happy coincidence. And on that note, I have instructions for making this fit a regular ipad, too, just in case you’re wondering.


Okay, enough about me! How about some fabric?! I’m excited that Leah offered a half yard bundle (that’s 8 half yard cuts!!!) as a giveaway to one lucky reader!


To Enter:

  • one winner will be chosen
  • Just leave a comment! Leah and I are curious, what’s your favorite print in the collection? Or what would you make with Gramercy?
  • Open to US entries only please!
  • Giveaway ends Sunday, September 14th at 10pm (central time).

Oh, and I’m not sure about you, but I’m always drooling over the awesomeness in Leah’s shop! I’ll take that gorgeous cuff (you know I love me some brass jewelry) and a pillow cover please! haha

ps, if you’re looking for Art Gallery Fabrics near you, they’ve got a great little store locator on the Art Gallery Fabrics website here. How handy!

A couple of my fave online shops that have it as well:
Pink Castle Fabrics
Hawthorne Threads

Have a great weekend!envelopeclutchwriststrap


Happy Social Tote

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments from my last post about my upcoming book. I’m so excited to share it with you all and show a bit more about it! So stay tuned…


All that aside, I’ve been missing blogging! It’s made me realize how much I love just creating and then sharing it with you and hearing about how you’ve made one too, or how you can’t wait to try a new technique or pattern, or what you’re up to next. The sewing community is just so so supportive in that way and I’m enjoying every last drop!


So I dove into some WIPs and dug out this Social Tote that had been started a while back and never finished. I’ve made it sort of a goal of mine to use up my most hoarded and favorite fabrics more often, so this project was pulled with that goal in mind. I just love the challenge of this pattern. It’s funny, even though I designed it (and feel incredibly grateful that Carolyn asked me to collaborate with her), it still challenges me.


I like to follow along with the directions and it had been a while since my last, so I had to pay careful attention! I also double checked all my pieces about a hundred times or so. I was convinced I forgot to cut something out. No missing pieces, but I did happen to forget the interfacing on the handles even though it was sitting right there in front of me! Oh well, next time, right?


I’m not sure if I’m keeping this one or spreading the love. I have someone in mind for it, but I’ll let it sit on my cutting table a bit longer until I can part ways.


Anyway, hope you’re having a great start to the week! I’m so excited about fall!

Pattern: Social Tote (designed by me in collaboration with Carolyn Friedlander)
Fabrics: Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts (lining), Heather Ross West Hill (exterior)


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handmade style – the book

Handmade Style

40 yards of interfacing

20 zippers

24 pockets

oodles of hardware

bits of leather

spools of thread

lots of batting

23 projects

one billion hours in the making…

Okay, so I might be exaggerating the hours in the making, but it’s time! I wrote a book. I’ve been dreaming of the day I could write this post. For a good long while. It’s such a strange feeling to be able to really say it. This announcement also kind of feels a bit like ripping off a band-aid. I can’t keep it a secret forever! I’m thrilled, but also scared at the same time. I feel like I’m exposing the deepest most personal part of myself, my creativity, for the whole world to see. I hope you love it and want to make all the projects, I’ll be talking more about it all soon. It’s schedule to be released in February 2015, published by Lucky Spool! I’m super pumped to be among a group of amazing and talented sewists! You can read a few more details about the book on the Lucky Spool book page here.

Meanwhile, you can pop over and pre-order it on Amazon! How crazy is that?!

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